Thursday, 10 January 2019

up-lifting Anchor

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Anchor aweigh!
Tatting away :-)

I just Had to share my excitement with you. I had a huge shipment arrive yesterday that included mainly Anchor and Red Rose threads and a smattering of sewing/knitting/crochet accessories. Yup, still doing the happy dance ;-P

These are some of Anchor Pearl Cotton size 8. Absolutely gorgeous colours, silken, sheen, and soft texture. It’ll be my first time with these. I saw them first in Usha’s tatting and now bought all the shades that Pony Craft Store has. I started cataloguing and counted 67 balls (10 gms each; Art 4591)!

These are top-ups or new shades in Anchor size 40 and size 20 (20 gms each; Art 4054).
I think the Anchor 20 balls I’ve been buying since 2013 from my retail store and another online store were fakes (or has Anchor improved it’s quality since then?)! No wonder I kept ranting – they are thicker than the ones here. But I had no way of knowing coz the labels and price were exactly the same.
Oh well, a huge weight lifted off the Anchor brand now! Uplifting Anchor, ahoy ;-P

Now these are new entrants Red Rose metallic threads size 20. There are over 20 beautiful shades - solids and variegated - in the online store. Each ball is 100 gms!

Here’s the whole thread stash straight out of the carton, including Anchor assorted embroidery threads – a pack of 25×2 shades (8m each; Art 4624). Sorry for that blurry image.

Over time I will do some proper thread/brand/size comparisons. For now, I need to catalogue and find storage bins and space, sigh !
But watch out for my first metallic medallion tomorrow ...  


  1. Ooh, I'd be very excited to have all those colours arrive! Enjoy.

  2. Very good find love to see thread and so satisfying and I like anchor threads your going to have fun with these 😃you will have to sleep and dream about what your next plans are😃

  3. What fun! And such wonderful colors. I haven't found where to purchase those threads, so stick with what I've got already. Boring, huh? Can't wait to read your comparisons.

  4. New threads are always exciting, and you've got so MANY to choose from. It will be hard to decide which color to use first. I'm looking forward to seeing what you tat with all these lovely threads.

  5. Ooh! Thread! You have a stash of lovely colors there. Let the fun begin!

  6. Thanks for joining in my excitement, ladies :-D

    At present I am bogged down with cataloguing and finding enough storage boxes and space to think creatively. But I can't wait to try.
    Oh yes, Stephanie, it will tough to choose. Sometimes a single colour is best.
    But I've already started with the metallic and next will be the perle cotton - can't wait to see how that feels !!!

  7. New supplies are always worthy of a looong happy dance 😊
    Looking forward to see your metallic medallion. I've got a ball I've been trying to decide what to do with for a while.

  8. So many gorgeous colors!! I'd be ecstatic to see those in my mail too!

  9. Lots more fabulous colored motifs to see in the future!!! :)

  10. Emily, I'm going to use most of the metallic for tatting jewellery, and a few snowflakes too. I'll be posting a pic of the snowflake soon -- it turns out pretty large though.😀

    Carrie, it's a Delight to see you after such a looong time 💕

    Yes, Sue, it's going to be a colourfest for sure 🎡

  11. Hello
    i need your guidance in deciding the amount of thread that i may rewire for a certsin project. Especially when the designer has given the same but for brands not available in India. Like lizebath, DMC, milford etc. etc.

    1. Priya, it is very difficult to give an exact measurement. Many factors besides brand - specific project, tatting tension, etc.
      In general, Anchor 20 is equivalent to Lizbeth 10 and hence we need more thread if designer gives specifications for Lizbeth 20.
      If you have old Anchor 20 threads, then that is equivalent to Lizbeth 20.
      Size 40 is same in both brands.
      There are lots of conversion tables for threads.
      Click on the Resources tab at top of this page - I have a few links to those charts, if you scroll down towards the bottom.
      I usually just load my shuttle(s) fully and tat away.
      Hope this helps a bit. If you email me, I can send you a couple of resources where tatters have created their own formulas to gauge amount required.

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    1. Realized after posting reply that i was late �� you had already started using the new stuff�� hence deleted the comment. Wonderful new stock����.

    2. Enjoying every bit of it, Usha :-D