Tuesday, 8 January 2019

more flower flakes

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Still chugging away at small projects … 2 more of Sharon’s flakes visualized as flower flakes, taking my count to 10. Sharon has numbered all 26 flakes with respective patterns here.

This time I've used strands of Anchor embroidery threads.

Baby Flake as night jasmine flower flake !
Nycanthus, commonly called parijat or harsingar in India. A beautiful flower with white petals and orange stem! Among my favourite with fond memories - watering and picking up the flowers strewn under the tree at my granny's place.

3 strands (Ξ Lizbeth size 40). 5½cms as flake ; >4½cms as motif. 

12-25 2018 Snowflake as Chrysanthemum flower flake !
SLTs helped bring out a flower amid foliage. I worked the coloured rounds continuously.
For some reason lots of un-tatting was involved here, including a thread-break, but I persevered. Wish I’d chosen a lighter/darker shade of green.
2 strands (Ξ size 40). 6½cms as flake ; 6cms as motif

Please note that the inside rings in 2nd round are linked together. There is a bit of crowding in the diagram and I missed it.

Thought: Split chains are excellent to climb out to next round. At times, though, it is good to have separate rounds, especially in case of retro-tatting. The thread broke so close to start of outer round that I would’ve snipped and started it afresh. Now I had to retro-tat.

Against a black background.

I’ve chosen colour schemes for some more of Sharon’s flakes but am waiting excitedly for more threads to arrive soon to tackle them. Meanwhile I’m working on a 2016 UFO! 


  1. Lovely! They are true flowers, in coloured threads! My favourite here it is the baby flake!

    1. 😊 They are very pretty little flowers in real, Nin! Do you have them in Italy?

    2. Actually there's also a lyric by Pascoli, "the night jasmine", so maybe I'd answer yes... jasmine flowers are beautiful and scented!

  2. I do like to see Sharon's flakes in colour, so effective.

    1. It's fun for sure, Jane, but wonder what she thinks about them 😆

  3. Both look wonderful!!! :)
    I LOVE the variegated in the Chrysanthemum flower flake!!!! :)

  4. So pretty, love your colors.