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chain reaction

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…and what an explosion – fission as well as fusion!

Meet Paola Bevilacqua, a contributor to the Endrucks 1920 Project and an inspiration ....

Brooch adaptation
This spectacular brooch has been derived from pattern #18a! The base on which beads were added is the pic on right and the scallops might bring a flash of memory....the necklace idea from my previous post. This brooch is tatted in 2 parts, with a chain running all around the outside.

Block Chain Bracelets
What a transformation of a vintage lace to modern jewellery! No wonder it led to an inspired explosion of ideas by Anna Tedesco followed by Daniela Galli
Anna Tedesco's bracelets inspired by Endrucks and Paola
Daniela's bracelet inspired by Anna's

Reworking Vintage Patterns
Let me start at the beginning. When we first asked for volunteers to rework and represent the vintage patterns, Paola Bevilacqua was uncertain what it was all about. But once she joined, her work spoke for itself. Her diligently drawn diagrams for #18/a have been tremendously helpful.
While #18/b was worked by another wonderful tatter, Elisabetta De Napoli, Paola put the 2 together for #18 (above). She sent in a few process pics as well. Both standalone 18/a and 18/b pdfs can be downloaded from the Project doc. Work on #18 pdf in underway and will be published in a week or so).

Interestingly, Paola used a ball and shuttle to tat both. This is one of the few patterns by Endrucks that has very few ‘thrown/floating rings’, and since these are not in the middle of any chain, it is easy to make a SLT and work with the repositioned shuttle.
So, the lock joins notwithstanding, it would be easier for needle tatters, too.

One can hardly predict the path of a free neutron, but it seems everybody was in the same nuclear reactor! A week back when I started #18, Ninetta discovered that Daniela and Anna were each working Paola's brooch pattern with their modified counts and mostly picot-free! 
Anna tells me that the models on the left are test tats and the pearled one will most probably be an insert for a necklace!
Daniela hasn't decided whether she wants to make this a bracelet or a wrist watch embellishment. I loved the pic she shared with a little watch in the center!

Brooch to Bracelet :
Ninetta loves bracelets and in collaboration with the others, this is the beauty that emerged from her shuttles! She has drawn and shared this collaborative brooch/bracelet pattern here :
In her own words - 
"Then, I looked for a way to tat the entire bracelet in one pass, it seems that I have nearly done it. But, to work from one side (start) to the other (end), one last row of chains is always missing (that are the blue chains in my drawing). If you like the asymmetrical effect, you can leave the bracelet without the last chain. But I preferred adding that in my own bracelet.
I tatted 3 repetitions, but it is slightly larger than my wrist." 

TIP: The final scallop chain can be worked as Floating Chains (4 parts), thus allowing for a totally one-pass tatting experience. 

Inspiration Explosion
Impressive chain reaction and explosion, right?! Are you ready to be impressed further? Paola Bevilacqua had a solo exhibition of her tatted pieces!!!! Check her album on Facebook here and be ready to be wowed with the diversity and range of her projects.
Also check out Anna Tedesco’s group – Tatting Art for her spectacular tatted jewellery and Daniela Galli's Cover Photos album for her superb 3D compositions! And we all know where to find Ninetta's blog displaying extraordinary works!

Italian Transilation
And, Ninetta and Anna have painstakingly translated the relevant pages of the book into Italian!  They have meticulously worked on it to make it technically understandable to modern Italian tatters who increasingly prefer diagrams to text. 

Endrucks 1920 Project
It has been such a Huge pleasure collaborating and corresponding with all these cool talented ladies. We cannot thank them enough for all their work, enthusiasm, and inspiring ideas. This international collaborative project has brought in so many friends in its fold – such a wonderful ‘blockchain’ of common interest and goals! It is a pleasure and honour to thank you all, mie carissime amiche di chiacchierino.

Feel free to join us any time whatever your tool of choice! Be a test-tatter or an adaptor, or simply enjoy the modernised versions of this 100-year old book, ‘Die Schiffchen-Spitszen’ by Frau Eleonore Endrucks- Leichtenstern. All links can be found in this downloadable Endrucks 1920 Project doc
Send in your work (to Ninetta or me) for display and/or inclusion or use the hashtag #Endrucks1920Project on Facebook so we can find you. 

Many many thanks Paola for all your contribution. 
And thanks equally to Daniela and Anna for participating tangentially. 💖

muskaan and Ninetta


  1. Wow, it certainly is an explosion of work. Wonderful to see how inspiring the whole project has been.

    1. Thank you so very much Jane, and slowly but surely the word is spreading 😍

  2. Dear Muskaan, beautiful post, thank you very much! Many thanks to Paola, Anna and Daniela for sharing their creativity and talent!

    1. It is the works of all you talented ladies that is embellishing my post, Nin 😍

  3. Grazie Muskaan per il bellissimo post e per la tua opera di diffusione del chiacchierino

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Anna...all of you have spread so much inspiration and motivation 😍

  4. I love seeing how people are inspired by patterns and take it to a different level. :)

    1. I agree, Sue! The circle of inspiration continues .... 😍

  5. Replies
    1. It certainly is, Elzusia, thank you 😍

  6. I saw this on Facebook, its worked up into a lovely bracelet and very different from the usual design

    1. Quite true, Margaret 😍 Goes to show how one can creatively extract motifs from the original and give them a nice twist 😃

  7. The vintage impression is maintained even if the designs are modified. Great jewelry.

    1. Astute observation, Marja! Thank you 🧡😍