Saturday, 28 May 2016

making her teachers proud !

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Meet Annie Sukanto from Indonesia . She is a member of Cyn's Beginners Class & Georgia’s Online Tatting Class. She is a relative beginner in tatting but her tatting is so beautiful & precise, so patient & perseverant. I don't think our paths have crossed in class, but we have communicated via email.

I often get emails asking for help with my tatting patterns or tutorials. And I always give them top-priority, answering back immediately, even on my tablet. You know that feeling of getting stuck mid-way – it can be so frustrating to have to leave off when one has just settled down to start a project, or when in the mood ! So as soon as I come across a tatting-related question, whether in my inbox or on Craftree, I try to answer as best I can.

Sometimes one hears back from the asker, sometimes not. I enjoy the entire process anyways :-D Teaching aids and consolidates my own learning. 
Tatting and teaching - my two passions coming together, what more can I ask ?

Imagine my immense surprise when I downloaded Annie's tatting pics on the desktop & saw some writing on them . I am truly humbled. This is so sweet and kind of her.
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Now you can understand why I continue to grind out tutorials and other tips/details, despite the drawbacks of lengthy and repetitive posts , and some advanced tatters feeling bored ;-)

In fact if this return to Ikuta’s Picots with tat-along exercises helps somebody, we can thank Annie for it. A few weeks back I had notated & sent some of my old pics (which were in the pictorial pdf) to explain each step to her. Moreover, individual pics were larger, unlike the reduced collaged ones in the pdf. She successfully completed the loops. So when Georgia again mentioned some confusion about them in class, I offered to write another post, and upload the pics since they were already notated.  

But then the teacher in me took charge. What started as a mere re-upload, turned into a full-blown project – if I was going to revisit the topic, why not do it systematically ?! Specific point(s) of confusion had not been identified, but I had gained some more clarity, having tried it on the chain. So I re-photographed everything, and laid it out in an easily-followed format. I am so happy with the effort, and am so thankful to Georgia who has made it possible for so many of us to get acquainted with the old and new, to keep learning, sharing, evolving.

Isn't that just sweet ?!
Thank you, Annie. You are very kind. Your work is lovely and your progress is truly inspiring :-)

Wonderful teachers on InTatters/Craftree initiated my own transfer from traditional to 'modern' tatting 2½ years back, and bloggers & OTC have built on it.
All this has been made possible by the power of the web ! It is amazing how the internet master weaves us all within it's web, linking us to each other across time & space zones, allowing like minds and creative hands to congregate virtually, to help & share, to support & inspire.
We are all trying to pass it forward....

For more of Annie's tatting, please do visit her album (slideshow) at the Tatting Homework blog, hosted by Mel.

A few more of her Super 17 butterfly, with which she had needed a spot of help  ...
I can never decide which pics to pick - they all look lovely :-)

“He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” I really believe this applies to me and I am a very proud ‘teacher’, but will forever remain a learner.

Don’t you just love it when your ‘student’ outshines you !  
((( Hugs, Annie :-)))

happy tatting with a muskaan* :-)

* muskaan means smile :-) 

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  1. What an inspirational post! I'm so happy you've shared Annie's story. I enjoy your in-depth posts. They get me thinking. Your comment about Annie's meticulous tatting reminds me that being precise is one of my goals. With every piece I tat, I compare my work to other's and I find that there is so much I want to learn! Thanks again for all the time you put in to your detailed posts!

    1. What a great perspective, Diane ! We should never stop learning. Thanks for your continued interest & support :-)

  2. Your work is inspiring to many of us, muskaan, and I'm thankful to Annie for sharing her gratitude so ably. I love the way you challenge me to think through the processes. I find my mind works much like yours, but while I think about doing it, you get it done! You make me a better tatter and a better tatting teacher.

    1. That is so sweet, Eliz :-) There is still so very much to catch up with - I'll need more than a lifetime to learn all there is in tatting !

  3. Hats off to Annie for learning from you and saying so!

    1. I think Annie's gracious words are a testament to the entire tatting community who shares & helps so willingly. Thanks Jane :-)
      I'm sure Annie will be happy with all the endorsement :-)

  4. It is fabulous to be part of a community of learners! You are an wonderful Muskaan :)

    1. Oh yes, Fiona, there really is no teacher, no student - we all step into these shoes as the need arises!
      I wanted the post to be about Annie and her tatting prowess :-)

  5. What wonderful work for a beginner, I love the butterfly really brilliant how it sits on the side,
    Do you have the pattern for it

    1. And the colourways are pretty too :-)
      Margaret, here are the links to the pattern (there are both 2D and 3D variations) : my post -
      pdf with all 3 versions -
      I hope you enjoy tatting it :-)

  6. You give me honor, Muskaan. At the first time I hesitate to ask to Muskaan, at the fact Muskaan knows the learners problem, she always answers quetions very soon. Thanks to you, my awesome tatting teacher!
    Thanks to all friends, thanks for your kind comments. I'm very happy.

  7. I love all those tatted pieces!!! :)

    1. Thanks Sue :-) Annie is so very talented !