Wednesday, 25 May 2016

a cool warm-up

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The weather has taken a turn for the better, at least for now. We had a storm & rain Monday evening. So I got back to working at my desktop a bit. Lots of piled-up emails to answer still …
I was going to delete the previous post which was a mere notification; but how can I do that now ?! Your support, concern & advice through comments & emails has touched me so very much .

But I did get a lot of tatting done during this sojourn. Besides the Wiosna, I worked a bit on the Spinning Wheel snood, completed Ninetta’s bookmark with a bit of floral flourish, caught up with some more picot effects while learning a couple of new ones too. 

But this post is to get back on track :-)
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A doily tat-along by Renulek
Rounds 1-8 of tat-along Wiosna 2016 designed by Renulek

I liked the way Renulek used picots on one side of the rings. Reminded me of a kitten’s face ! The floating rings were pretty tiny, though. Worked clockwise, exactly as inked in her sampler image.
It was easy to guess where the next round would join. Hence I climbed out with a split chain & split ring.
Techniques I used : directional tatting (fs/bs), floating rings, SCh & SR to climb out.
Measures < 8½”  in size 40
I actually forgot to take a pic of Round 7 before starting Round 8. So the doily here is un-blocked & only a wedge pic.

I immediately fell in love with this round ! The overlapping rings, a reflection of the central round, with their chains, looked like a lotus in half-bloom ! The stitch count was very easy to memorize.
Tatted all from the front, but going counterclockwise because I used direct tatting (reverse stitch) for all the chains; rings were all normal.

Unfortunately this round has ruffles. We have had different ideas on Craftree about why it is so or how we can rectify it. My own feeling is that the joining picot in round 7 should’ve been a normal picot which would increase the circumference & allow the chains to lie flat, without tweaking the stitchcount. On close inspection, even Renulek’s model seems to have a bit of ruffle. She does seem to suggest in one of the comments that the next round(s) will correct that.
I tried to lay the second ring over the 1st & 3rd rings throughout. But I think the opposite might look better. Will try it later & take a pic to compare. 
Midway through the round, I ran out of thread in one bobbin and used Marilee’s Lark’s Head Knot trick as the last stitch of a ring to add new thread. It worked great, especially since single colour is being used !
As seen in pic, the last chain is yet to be tatted. Depending on how the next round is laid/joined, I will either climb out with a split chain, or complete the chain & start round 9 afresh.
Techniques I used : direct tatting, lark’s head knot to add new thread
Measures 9½”  in size 40

Spinning Wheel snood (an adaptation)
Mary Konior

Following Batty Tatter's example, I have doubled the repeats in the original glass mat in order to use it as a snood or hair bun holder. I use simple crocheted ones in black. But how can one hide such a beautiful pattern in black (there’s still some way to go before my hair turns grey ;-P). So I chose the next ‘sober’ colour that would work with any colour dress. There is a very slight difference in shades between this ecru & the Wiosna one, which is a richer cream in reality.

I’m working on this in very very small steps as something to fall back on when no thinking or concentration is required… a snail tatting !
The diameter appears to be about 4” to 4½” in size 40, which should work fine. Let’s see …

happy tatting :-)

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  1. It's good to see you back at your blog. Your Renulek doily is looking great.

  2. Every thing looks good and the break did let you get lots of tatting done it's all so beautiful too!

  3. Glad it got cooler so you could blog again. Your tatting looks wonderful.

  4. Phew, glad it has cooled down a bit! And that you've got lots of tatting done.

  5. I never would have thought of turning the Spinning Wheel into a snood... great idea!

  6. Your doily looks fabulous!!! :)
    And your spinning wheel is coming along nicely!!! :)

  7. Thank you so much Eliz, Carollyn, Stephanie, Jane, Diane, & Sue . Tatting can be such a stress-buster :-)