Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Freshly Tatted

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The Second Day of December Snowflake
Lene Bjorn

I joined a Year Long Snowflake Tat-Along on Craftree. We are using Lene Bjorn’s book , 24 Snowflakes in Tatting, to tat two each month. Remember how last year I had made a similar resolution, but didn’t stick to it. Well, this year I’m hoping that the tatting together will provide me the required motivation or guilt !

After a hiatus from tatting, having picked up hook & knitting needles, I decided to start with Day 2 first. I was not up to the challenge of tackling all that bare thread; wanted something simple & quick.

My objectives to join along are :
  1. to study colour combinations & placement in these small motifs.
  2. to practice split chains & make them part of my repertoire.
  3. to tat patterns from the books I own rather than merely collect them.
Trying to keep it simple here, & carrying on with The Flower Within series.
Anchor size 40 thread in white & variegated red/black (4054-1206)

The snowflake measures just under 3” & round 1 was just under 1.5”

I made a couple of early mistakes in round 2, but continued nevertheless. I used single shuttle & ball for 2nd round – back to basics :-) A fully loaded bobbin was required.
This snowflake ruffled a bit , as seen in pic. Simply wet it nicely, rolled the rolling pin over it to remove extra water, patted it with a towel & it was ready for a photo shoot !
At the end of the year, I may convert some of these into bookmark charms, or join a few to make bookmarks.


Wally Sosa  
* click for pattern source
This is my 5 Point Charm for a future bookmark 

This is the SuperBowl Sunday ‘protest’ tatting that Georgia & her group has going for the last 17 years !!! All previous patterns are listed here (scroll down through 2nd column). Again, I am using this simple motif to play with colours.  
This is how I started, but abandoned. 

Tatted in Anchor size 40
Variegated red/white : 4504-1203 ; Variegated red/black : 4504-1206 ; Black
Measurements : Rnd 1 : ~ 1" ; Rnd 2 : < 1" ; final : 2.75"

I have been doing fs/bs tatting now for quite a while & usually do rings as normal DS & chains in RODS (reverse order ds). However, in order to keep the direction of large ring same as in the original pattern picture, I had to do the rings in RODS, & chains, & floating ring in normal DS. This enabled me to work in clockwise direction.


What did the Leaning Tower of Pisa say to Big Ben? 
" If you have the Time I have the Inclination !!!"

(Okay, I switched the two, but it still works, doesn't it ;-P)

I have done a little cleaning up of the Resources Page (see tab above). Took hours & still needs more work - some formatting is just too stubborn to clear :-(  Check it out when you have the Time. Feel free to suggest any good resources that have helped you & I have an Inclination to use & add them :-)

And if anyone has the Inclination & Time,  Georgia Seitz taught the following in her Online Tatting Class on Monday  & the lesson logs are uploaded (& I attempted to teach one session) :
Padded Double Stitch , &
Snowflake Sparkle pattern alongside the Twisted Picot (floating) Tutorial.  Incidentally,  Karen Cabrera has uploaded a video for these freestanding twisted picots - Lesson #153. Very clear demo ( thanks & hugs Karen ). Keep your pinch on the thread at all times while twisting,  and it will give nicely coiled & stiff picot.

happy tatting :-)

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  1. I love your choice of colors for both the snowflake and the five point charm. Isn't it fun to see how different tatters interpret patterns?

    1. So true, Diane ! And small pieces are perfect for experimenting & learning :-)

  2. Wow you have joined so many groups and doing well with each, love the black and red and snowflake so many thing to talk about. I love her book and have done many, one that I messed up on I made a beautiful bird and can't seem to replicate it. I may try again sometime great post!

    1. Carollyn, did you post a picture of the transformation from snowflake to bird ? I would love to see it ! As for groups, it’s very difficult to juggle so much, but you’ve joined quite a few challenges yourself & are still creating amazing wonders ;-P

  3. I love the snowflakes in the Bjorn book. I've probably made it through tatting 10 of them. And I can so relate to tatting from books I own rather than collecting more patterns to tat. Sigh! Here's to sticking with the goals we make!

    1. Ditto, Mel :-) That’s why I’m hoping that the tat-along will keep me focused, as well as the fact that Lene has used many different techniques to maintain my interest :-)
      Why don't you join along ? Only 2 per month & you have to make only 14!

  4. Both of those are wonderful!!! :)

    1. Thanks Sue :-) And I enjoyed the sense of achievement ‘coz these small pieces are so quick to finish !

  5. Lovely day two snowflake, and a lovely red and black, very unusual

    1. I guess these will remain as part of my learning & application process – look back to see what worked & what did not :-) Ripley's believe it or not, lol