Saturday, 13 February 2016

Heart to heart ....

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Hearts reach out 
across ages and generations , 
across borders and boundaries , 
across arts and crafts, 
across blogs and sites,
from cold snowflakes to warm hearts ....
hearts reach out !

These are some of the most elegant tatted heart patterns I’ve come across. These are hearts I have admired & wanted to tat since first I set eyes on each. And they were just as pleasant to tat as to ogle.

A few common points :
  • Click on title of each for link to the pattern source & on name of designer for their blog wherever applicable (all red words are active links). All are free patterns.
  • I use fs/bs (RODS) tatting . I’ve listed it in the techniques, but it is optional.
  • Since I knew that these patterns worked great in single colour, I decided to continue with my study in colours (very very limited colours to choose from – Madura Coats (Anchor), are you listening?).
  • All these hearts are definitely going to be repeated over the years !

In no particular order ….

Techniques : 2 shuttles, ANKARS (basic) or layered rings, graduated picots, floating ring.
Measurement : 1½” x 1½” in Anchor size 40 Art 4054 (052 pink & 022 maroon)

"Officially” this is my first ANKARS project, even though it is pretty basic. It Finally lay to rest a niggling doubt I had harboured, not having studied the technique properly. Yes, I had tatted it, without knowing that it could well be ANKARS ! ANKARS is an elaborate & dense working of simple layered rings . It is also the technique I used in my Curled Rings earrings. And all it takes a simple picot join !
Georgia Seitz will be walking us through this pattern in the Online Tatting Class on Monday the 15th … Join in :-)
I added a tiny ring with SH2 after joining back to the first ring. There was a bare, flattish space in my working that I thought needed filling up. The tatting is all done from the frontside, not reverse work, except for this additional ring.
Also 3 graduated picots in the centre of the chain to make the tip a bit more prominent.
I used a picot gauge, as recommended, but found that it causes my picots to twist & become unseemly, and the stitches to become uneven ! It was back to eye-balling … this works better for me. 
It ruffled a bit. Lay flat easily after dunking & rolling. I didn't block each picot. Now, looking at the diagram, I realize that rings 21 & 23 are the same size ! Didn’t appear so in the tatted model … good excuse to tat again :-)

Nicola Bowersox
Techniques : 2 shuttles, CTM, dead end/blind start to chain, floating ring, RODS.
Msts : 1½” x <1¼” in Red Heart size 20 (0289 bright/dark yellow)

I fell in love with this heart that moment britinpa shared it on InTatters over a year ago. Simple, elegant outlining, & I love floating curled chains !!!  
I was a bit unsure how much to tension the chains, so left them without snugging closely. But I definitely need to re-tat & experiment a bit more. For one, I need to start the chain in RODS, for it to lie on the left side as in original pattern. Also, Frivole had suggested using a SCMR instead of floating ring, which I want to apply as well. And check out Jane McLellan’s gorgeously colourful hearts she did a while back, inspiring me to use a yellow.

Techniques : 2 shuttles, thrown/floating rings, RODS.
Msts. 3”x 2¼” Anchor Size 40 Art 4054 (0131 blue & 0896 copper)

Arguably the most elegant heart pattern I’ve come across & it works with all kinds of threads & colours/colourways ! I have yet to come across a working that did not work :-) It is a Perfect Design !
Great diagram by Frivole – equally elegant with colour coding ! 

Techniques : 2 shuttles, CTM, CWJ, thrown/floating ring, twisted picot, SLT, RODS.
Msts : ¾”x ¾” in Anchor size 20 Art 4054 (020 red) 

Love the simplicity of this pattern. 2 shuttles. To maintain continuity of the chain outline, she uses the CWJ. Very quick to tat up & a great way to empty the shuttles, (and to learn the CWJ if one is dithering).
The twisted picot in the little ring looks frayed & forked - probably the picot should've been just a tad longer keeping thickness of thread in mind. 

Hearty Thanks to all designers for sharing these wonderful heart patterns,
to all who have made it possible through diagrams, classes, etc.

Have a hearty tatting weekend !

Motif #21 of III for 25 Motif Challenge


  1. I may have to try the Hearts of Hope, it's new to me. Yes, these are all excellent heart patterns.

    1. Hearts of Hope work out really quickly & great to empty shuttles! Looking forward to your colourful collection, Jane :-)

  2. Gorgeous hearts <3 <3 <3 :).

  3. They are all beautiful patterns! Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire is my favorite!

    1. So right, Diane ! I think Susan's pattern is a masterpiece, a timeless design .

  4. Beautiful hearts. I really like how you added two colors to the first heart. I will have to steal your idea if I ever tat it. It would be good practice for me...I haven't done any Ankars or layered rings before.

    1. Two colours was a deliberate choice to emphasize dimensionality, And let the lower rings peep out through upper ring spaces. Go right ahead & steal all you want, Robin :-)))
      And, this particular layering is not at all difficult - it is simple picot joins. Pick up your shuttles right away, with any leftover thread & tat 4 rings & you'll see how basic this is . Challenge ? ;-))

  5. A wonderful array of hearts, beautifully tatted - thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks so much, Sally. Hope to see a few of these on your blog :-)

  6. Wow hearts galore, a beautiful piece of interesting hearts, all so beautifully described and tatted.
    I saw Mary's gorgeous heart and I did many of her butterflies which to me is the same sort of pattern and I am planning on trying this heart as soon as I can, it's really lovely the way she designed it.
    The pain in the what's it butterfly is now in my blog,
    Have a lovely Valentine's Day.

    1. Oh Mary’s butterfly is gorgeous ! As is this heart pattern.
      You did a swell job on the recent butterfly, Margaret and your trials and tribulations don't show at all in that beauty :-)

  7. Happy Valentine's Day! I wanted to do a couple of these hearts too - but Valentine's Day is already over! Good on you for getting all these done in good time.

    1. Any day is good for tatting a heart, Grace ;-)
      I'm enjoying doing small pieces at the moment, jumping from one quickly finished piece to the other.

  8. Great hearts, a few I need to try. Hearts Desire remains my favorite and I tat it at least once a year.

    1. Thanks Bernice :-) I, too, should follow your lead & tat one every year.

  9. Lots of fabulous hearts!!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Sue :-) All credit to the amazing designers !

  10. Beautiful hearts! Curly heart is my favorite.

    1. Thanks Marja :-) Yes, the Kiss & Curl Heart has such an elegant minimalistic outline !