Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Robin's Frauberger Bookmark

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Frauberger Bookmark
Original (1919) : Tina Frauberger
Reworked (2015) : Robin Perfetti

I was determined Not to be tempted, distracted, Until I had completed Renulek’s Wiosna that’d been left at a crossroad ! Look, I even had all the materials for the next mini project all ready & lying in front of me, but I persevered with temptation staring so directly in my face ! One day, 2 days, …. 
Could I resist ?
Well, yes & no. 
I resisted this new project & persevered with the doily. 
I saw Robin’s beautiful rendition of the Frauberger edging here. Fine, something to do down the line. 
But then she shared her pattern notes here !

Down went the doily shuttles, up went the bookmark shuttles ! Actually, I already had one almost full shuttle from my Mystery Doily project . Back to size 40. Easy to succumb on both counts ;-P

Thread : Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton . Size 40
Yellow : 0302
Measurement : 7”x 2” 

Techniques : 2-shuttle tatting throughout
For Main Body :
CTM (if using single colour)
Concentric Circle/Onion Rings
Floating/Thrown rings (rings on chain)
Catherine Wheel Join (CWJ)
Frontside/Backside tatting (optional)
For Tail (WIP) :
Split Rings
Cluny Tatting
For Charm (proposed) :
Concentric Circle/Onion ring
Floating Ring

The original pattern was published in Schiffchenspitze (1919) & can be downloaded from Georgia Seitz's Archive of Tatting Books in the Public Domain, here.

Robin has reworked the original stitch count . It works beautifully, lays flat & is very elegant. Thanks for doing all the hard work for us, And sharing :-)

  • It is a 2-shuttle pattern where ALL rings are Floating/Thrown rings !!!
  • Her pattern diagram shows 2 colours coding one for each shuttle. The point to keep in mind is that the colours denote which thread will show up, Not the Core thread. (that created a bit of confusion as I was tatting, because I kept thinking it was the core thread. The pattern was working Great, but the shuttle sequence seemed odd to me. But that’s just me being me).

  • The use of CWJs is superb !

The only thing I did ‘different’ here, was to have 7ds+CWJ for the left half part of concentric chain, & CWJ+6ds for the right side.

TIP : The outer concentric rings respond strongly to one’s tatting tension & other factors. Hence it is a good idea to tweak the stitch count to suit one’s tatting.

  • For FS/BS tatting, the portions in red in Robin’s diagram need to be directional (RODS). All the rest are tatted from the front normally. Indicated by arrows in above image.
  • RW : Work is reversed Only once for each repeat : When going from the completed onion ring to connecting chain . Indicated by thick arrow in above image.
UPDATE (March 10, 2017) : click here for a stepwise pictorial applying this pathway to a similar situation/motif.

Oops ! One missing ring in the turning repeat !
Should I cut it all off ? Wait ... read on

  • On day 2, I missed one ring at the turn of pattern (top right in image above). Since it was nighttime, I thought I’d snip off the portion & tat it correctly the next day. Some wise person (must’ve been a tatter surely) has said that one should sleep over a problem. And hey presto ! Next morning, instead of snipping & tying & hiding all those ends, all I did was a SSSR (single shuttle split ring) by joining auxiliary thread close to the picot (this can be finger-tatted, but I had some remaining thread in another shuttle ...) !!! So happy with the simple solution ! (SSSR in progress in image below) 
Using auxiliary thread & SSSR to add missing ring !

The pattern, as worked out by Robin, using 2 shuttles & floating rings, but no SLTs, is the Same as what Iris Niebach did in the TIAS Doily. Except that in the doily, each shuttle held a different coloured thread & one had to RW & SS to get the right colour. In both patterns, the designer mentions the thread that will show, irrespective of the core thread. So, if one can work through this bookmark, they can very easily work through Iris’ pattern !

It’s odd that of all the lovely patterns Robin has shared, & I have downloaded/printed, the 2 patterns I did make so far have been from her pattern notes !!! The first one was her gorgeous Design Pattern Snowflake (which I tatted the very same night) & she gave a sneak peak of the pattern diagram here.  … Oh, and Both are in size 40 !!! What a coincidence :-)
This bookmark pattern will be uploaded by Robin shortly. 

Completed ! Can you spot the SSSR ?
I still need to make a tail & charm for this bookmark & have a pattern in mind. But it will take some time …. I intend to make a braid using Cluny tatting (Yay! I finally learned the basics last week) – giving me the much needed practice. For the charm, I intend to repeat the concentric/onion ring with trefoil.
I will post along with my thoughts/tips/tricks on Cluny Tatting . 

And in case you are curious .... yes, the Wiosna is finally over :-D

I seem to be on track on my 2015 resolutions for the most part ! Well, the Spring Doily will have to stay as it is - can't find the right colours to continue. And, instead of 2 snowflakes per month, I Have tatted quite a few earrings (single only), which will adorn the tree; after all, they're already hooked ;-P

happy tatting :-)
and thank you, Robin :-)


  1. How lovely! "I will not be distracted, I will not be distracted...' Ha!

    1. With tatting angels mingle tatting demons , ready to tempt & distract , mwaaaahahahaaa ;-P
      It's a fairly quick tat, Michelle. .. so it's okay to be distracted :-)

  2. Replies
    1. So glad you liked it. Enjoyable tat :-)

  3. So you were tempted, I must say that the pattern is very inviting. But I refuse to start another project until the Wiosna is complete. Lovely bookmark

    1. All power to you, Bernice :-) It was yours & Martha's post (on the same day!) that finally got me motivated enough to pick up & finish the Wiosna !
      Will look forward to your projects

  4. It is gorgeous! It's on my To Tat list which is growing daily :).

    1. Thanks, Jenn :-) Those To-Tat lists seem to have a life of their own !!!

  5. It's easy to be distracted! Your bookmark looks wonderful. I like the idea of hanging single earrings on the tree!

    1. I've only made single earrings, coz no one to wear them & I'm allergic to any metal in my ears except gold. And I like to be practical ... so thought of hanging them on the tree... should look good with beads et al, right . Thanks Jane :-D

  6. Fabulous! Thank you for all these informations on this pattern.

    1. Thanks & welcome, Lilas :-D
      You are doing a Wonderful job on those beading diagram series !!!