Sunday 19 July 2015

Renulek’s Wiosna Doily - II

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Designer : Renulek
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The Reveal !!!

I’m not calling it the Grand Finalé : questions remain – is it grand / obscure ; is it really final / to be redone later ?!  Well, whatever it is it’s done for now. And I can certainly say it is unorthodox & experimental, perhaps even quirky.  Will I ever come back to rework the last round(s) – I’d like to, but doubt it. Rather make a different one .

The discussion is 'broken' into some categories that may be worth considering – some of the factors that went into my reasoning (!). Although categorized, the format is a kind of stream of consciousness, based on relevant comments, my feelings, & mental calisthenics that led to decisions (along with final thoughts on the same). I think the categories might act as designing tattisms for beginners, as well as when making all the choices for a new tatting project. Details of Rounds 1-9 in previous post here.
All comments can be read here, & here. I would strongly recommend a quick perusal – it is a treasure trove of experienced sharing. In order to avoid confusion, the name of the commentator has not been changed. I wish I could’ve added each person’s name for their valuable inputs.
Relevant rounds are indicated in image, for reference 

1.  Spacing 
Round 10 : To Do Or Not To Do
While I focused on the colour arrangement, I learned something important about designing from Anonymous (StephanieW). Spacing within & between rounds to balance lightness/laciness with heavier/denser pattern. That was the reason a simple round like this was required to space out 2 denser rounds !
Another angle to Spacing can be in the ‘distancing oneself’ sense, either temporally & physically (as suggested by Martha) . It generally brings perspective & restores motivation.

2.  Filling v/s Featuring 
Round 10 : Black & Beige Or All-Beige

This can be part of the Spacing aspect, but I think it deserves a Special mention, because it has functional implications for designing as well as for choosing colours. mb duke introduced this perspective (new to me) . Consider whether a round is a “filler” round or a “feature” round. In these times of colour tatting, the tatter can choose which rounds s/he wants to bring forth/highlight, & which can be kept in the background. The terms are self-explanatory. Filler round(s) serve mainly to highlight the Feature round(s), hence will be more in the background, with subdued/muted colours & patterns. Feature rounds can’t be clubbed close together, otherwise their identity & usp will get lost; hence fillers are essential. Both play a crucial role.

My Feature rounds in this doily, from the start, were the individual cream flowers in Rnd 5, the undulating Rnd 6, & Rnd 9. Unfortunately, Rnd 6 became muted when I chose maroon for Rnd 4 & therefore couldn’t repeat it so soon. It became a feature round unintentionally.
As for Round 10 : Went with the majority vote & chose to do it in 2 colours. Since the Feature Rnd 9 was a light shade of cream, a darker colour was required to highlight it. Black did that highlighter job , while the beige chains & rings on the outer edge served as a subdued filler for the last dark coloured round. Can the same round can act partly as a feature, partly as filler ?

3.  Echoing 
Round 11 as Round 4 : Match or Mix ?
Rounds 4 & 11 are identical in pattern. So if an earlier round has been done in a particular colour(s), should the latter also follow through ? Jane McLellan , Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane & my DH thought there Should be echoing .
I agree, but then I should’ve spaced it with the filler Rnd 10 (which most recommended); a mistake that could only be rectified by snipping what I had already tatted.
Also, I did want a black outline to bring it all together – I didn’t quite like to stop at that particular pattern, because after all, it was the same as an earlier round. So it didn’t seem like a Final round to me. My intention was to add a black chains-only outlining round, Echoing the Contours of the previous round .
I did neither ;-(
4.  “Muddying the Waters”
Round 11 : Maroon & Black
I delayed, I procrastinated, I over-thought, I overanalyzed, I stalled, I shelved, …. the waters had been thoroughly muddied :-(  Following GraceT’s advice, I started a maroon rings & black chains last round over the Round 10. But I still couldn’t decide ! At times it seemed okay, at others it seemed too dark & heavy. My brain went into freeze mode. Stoically, in order to complete what no longer excited me, I continued with the remaining half, differently from the previous half. Thus paying a price for my ambivalence & overthinking . Follow Fox’s advice to avoid “overthinking & muddying the waters”. It Will have a ripple effect !

5.  “Tablescaping” 
Round 11 : This Half Or That Half ?!

With my mind in a tizzy whether to continue or cut, each stitch seemed a burden (and meanwhile I had tasted the pleasures of tatting a doily in size 40 thread !) . Practicality took over . Madtatter80 used this lovely term ‘tablescape’ – what & where will the item be used on/for ? This can inform our decisions regarding choice of pattern, size, colour, shape, & so on.

I rationalized, that since this doily was going to be draped over my sewing machine, which is against a wall & window, only One side/half will be visible at any given time ! Problem solved ! I had already ‘broken the round’ in Rnds 6 & 7; I could do it again ! So that’s the story … Both halves stayed. Any changes in decision are relegated yet again to another day in the faraway future.

6.  Spanning
Round 10/11 : Closing The Gaps
Practical decisions can still leave some lacunae. One half of doily had Round 10 missing & I was in no mood to add the black chains-only final round to the maroon half as initially intended. That meant a gaping hole on both sides, where the twain shall met.
Closing the gap with rings & chains in keeping with the pattern, was the obvious choice. But I had just got into learning Cluny tatting. Tallies, especially hanging tallies/clunies could so easily span the gap !!! How very tempting, considering my huge preference for freeform, free style tatting !
An Olive Branch, it was that brought Peace to my tortured mind ! 3 leaves each on a twig.
These are still at the beginner stage, so the weave is not too tight & even. Plus I was working in a small confined space, with Lots of threads hanging about (I didn’t want to cut & hide, in case this didn’t work & something else needed to be done). My inexperience also meant a lot of undoing & redoing. But my excitement remained unabated.
I had picked out the linen cloth over which the doily will be draped (a deep blue type colour, over which I had taken a few previous pics), but couldn’t find it again for these pics. When I do find it I will take a couple more pics – that background does true justice to all the colours.

All in all a very eventful, exciting. & enlightening journey, though it stretched out a bit towards the end because of my ambivalence.

Crystal Ball Gazing 
After the Horse has Fled the Stables !
If I get into the zone to cut off & retat the last rounds of this doily, I would go with black & beige for Rnd 10 & all maroon for Rnd 11.
Hmm, or, all beige for Rnd 10 & maroon & black for Rnd 11.
Errr, black & beige for Rnd 10 & all maroon for Rnd 11 & a Rnd 12 black chained outline ….

Crrraaaaaashhhh ! Broke the rounds, now broke the globe/crystal ball !

Huge Thanks to Renulek for a Lovely Pattern & a thoroughly enlightening journey
I sincerely apologise if my experiments & version send shivers down your spine

Very Special thanks to All who contributed their valuable suggestions – 
 each one has been very helpful & insightful, & it's given me a great deal of perspective ! 

I hope you do leave a comment telling me what you truly feel about the final result - what you dislike/what you like .... 

I start my 3rd round of the 25 Motif Challenge. Check out this resourceful site full of wonderful tatting.
And now I can finally add the Wiosna to the 25 Motif count , 
and celebrate my 100th post :-D

Motif #1/III for 25 Motif Challenge


  1. Wow worth the wait, love the tallies. Congrats on your 100 post

    1. Bernice, thank you for your continued support & encouragement :-)

  2. Lovely solution for the 2in1 doily. Fantastic and amusing blog post, a great way to celebrate 100 posts, congrats.

    1. Ninetta, I credit you with my growing boldness in breaking boundaries ! Your Ann Orr doily has spurned this ;-P

    2. Oops, Freudian slip - that should be 'spawned', not 'spurned' !

  3. I would put another round of pink instead of beige and then the maroon and black. Skip the beige altogether. But that would drive you insane to think on wouldn't it :)

    1. Carollyn, now that Is food for thought , but please don’t muddy the waters any more ;-P I’m not a huge fan of pink . I’d ordered 3 balls in the hope that they would mimic the peach in the Spring Doily ;-( With beige, I was going for “Echoing” – the earlier maroon round had a beige one previous to it.

  4. It's beautiful, and has given you a lot of food for thought!

    1. Jane, I am discovering that I start to get bored with repetitive rounds, unless I can spice things up – clichéd Indian spicy food ;-P But seriously, yes, it Has taught me a Great deal – spanning wide spectrum from Collected wisdom to Collecting wisdom.

      Having stated my ennui with large doilies, I am Already itching to start a new one, this time with size 40. Have identified Renulek’s Snow Doily as sufficiently interesting, but will delay starting till a few more commitments are met

  5. I wanted to say more about your cute way of writing that entertains us while we learn tatting tidbits, thank you for all you study and write down, it will and is fun to refer to your blog when we are figuring things out :)

    1. Oh, dearest Carollyn, you are very sweet . ((((hugs))))
      Feels good to know that the content redeems the blog name :-)

      I apologize to all for the delay in responding. Had intended to take a break in order to work on the Cluny tatting post, but was overwhelmed with chores, etc. & did not tat for almost a week ! Back in the swing now :-)

      You are all so kind (& brave experimenters). I had considered adding a disclaimer at the top of post, stating this was not for traditional doily tatters or for purists ;-P Hope I haven’t scared & shocked them too much ! just kidding :-)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I didn't get round to reading this post until today! Well, your doily is unique, and you should keep it just as it is. :-D

    1. Thanks Grace :-)) Yes, the doily is draped over the sewing machine. And there are so many many many patterns to tat, that this will remain as is :-)