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Renulek's Wiosna Doily - I

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Wiosna 2015 Tat-Along*
Designer : Renulek 
Rounds 1-9
*(click for her version) 

Those who have been diligently following my journey through this gorgeous pattern, are aware of how much I learned & applied tatting wisdom compiled by generations , my experiments with coloursAnd tatting technique options ; know the dilemmas I faced, especially the last 2 rounds. I sought advice on the decisions to take at this crossroad, & you willingly & wisely suggested 2 main paths. 

I shelved the doily for many weeks, grazing in newer tatting pastures.
I was finally jolted out of my lethargy of stalled progress by 3 in-work project images (1 on Craftree & 2 blog posts), All within 24 hours !!! Was it a sign ?! I took it as one :-)

Since I haven’t yet shared pics after each round, on my blog, here’s each leg of the journey (with close ups of the later rounds) .... Click on any pic for larger images.

Renulek’s  Wiosna  Doily  2015


Colour (AMC 20)
Bobbin loads in brackets **

Techniques used

Finished size ;
Width of individual round

  * All bold coloured words are direct links 
 ** 1 bobbin load holds approx. 6.6 m or 7.2 yards of size 20 thread
    Joining picots in most rounds were small as per instructions.
 SH1 cream ( 1 )
 SH2 beige ( ½ )
 FS/BS tatting
 Decorative picot
 Thrown Ring, LJ
 >3” / 8cm
 Makes a lovely  coaster/medalliion
 SH1 pink (1½ )
 SH2 pink (1)
 FS/BS tatting
 Lock Join
 5” / 13cm ;
 ~ 1½” wide
 SH1 beige (1½ )
 SH2 beige (1)
 FS/BS tatting
 <6½” / 16cm ;
 ½” wide

 Rnd 4
 SH1 maroon (4½)
 SH2 maroon (2½)
 Rnd 5
 SH  cream (3)
 FS/BS tatting
 SSSR ; anchoring vsp  for petals & Rnd 4 long  chains .
 Decorative picots
 >10” / 26cm ;
 2” wide
 With Rnd 5:
 11½” / 29cm ;
 Each flower 1”
 Flower motifs of Rnd 5  were made First &  joined while tatting  Rnd 4.
 SH1 pink (3)
 SH2 beige (3)
 FS/BS tatting
 decorative picot
 Thrown Ring
 An “SLT join”
 12½” / 32cm ;
 1¼” wide
 Colours switched for  segments, not for  elements .
 6 segments each
 SH1 pink
 SH2 beige
 FS/BS tatting
 decorative picot
 Floating Ring
 An “SLT join”
 Lock Join
 14½” / 37cm ;
 ¾” wide
 Elaine’s Reverse Join  would’ve been ideal to  switch colours  between segments.
 Details of Rnd 6-7
 SH1 black (1)
 SH2 black (1)
 FS/BS tatting
 anchoring vsp for long  chains.
 16¼” / 41cm ;
 ¾” wide
 SH1 cream (5)
 SH2 cream (5)
 FS/BS tatting
 Directional tatting
 Decorative picots
 Slip & Roll join
 Lock Join
 18” / 46cm ;
 1” wide
 15 repeats in 2 full  bobbin loads.

Various ways of tatting Rnd 9 detailed here
 SH1 black (1)
 SH2 beige (2)
 FS/BS tatting
 Floating rings
 Decorative picots
 20” / 50cm ;
 2” wide
 maroon (8)
 CTM 3½ repeats.
 maroon (6)
 black (4)
 FS/BS tatting
 Decorative picots,
 Cluny Tatting

 22” or 24” ;
 2” wide
 Picots eliminated –  only 1 per chain
            muskaan (2015)  

I will continue the last leg of this journey in the next post.
Thanks & hugs to all for being so patient & supportive


I have uploaded the pattern & diagram for the Tails & Charms used in Robin’s Frauberger Bookmark (on request by GS). Although I have updated the post (and also added another picture showing the bookmark with a Single tail), the title here is also a direct link to the pdf. 

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happy tatting :-)


  1. I love it and like how you put them all together, to see the progress. Maybe I should do that too on some things, it's like a flip book :)

    1. Actually I wanted to upload the pics as a slide show, but that is available only for the side panels. And I don't know how to do it within a post. But I do like your reference to a flip book :-)

  2. I have been waiting for this post and some pictures of the Wiosna. Such talent. I thank you for all the tips on this project along with pictures too. Row 9 was not my favorite.

    1. You warm my heart, Bernice , to wait patiently :-) It did take me quite some time to get it together. Now to begin on the final part .... Eager to see your progress ...

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  4. Your color choices are wonderful! My doily has also been resting for a long, long time. I was finding it too difficult to work back and forth between two large doilies, so when I finish or take a break from my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece, I will be returning to this one. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. These colours were by default .... having bought them for Renulek's Spring Doily 2014, in an attempt to mix & match and continue it to completion. None of them worked, so I had 3 balls of each on hand ;-P
      I'm in awe of the masterful doilies many of you tat continuously ! So much patience and perseverance. Very inspiring, Diane :-)

  5. Wow, gorgeous work ! It is great to see the different steps.

    1. Thanks Emilie :-) I hope to post the final round(s) very very soon - the last of all the posts on this doily ;-P