Monday, 27 July 2015

Cluny Tatting free pattern

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I had promised to post my tips, tricks, observations, experiments on Cluny Tatting . Instead of getting down to organizing the post(s), I have been enjoying the actual tatting trials (with a week long forced hiatus). Including tallies made on 4 & 5 warp looms, of which I will share the steps as I figured them out ...
I am working on the CT post, but it is looming larger than I originally planned both temporally & spatially !

Many a slip ….. :-(
So here’s the cart before the horse – a pattern before the concept & experimentation ;-P
Still a lot of practice required for consistency & beauty ....

Star Anise Studs*
*click for direct pattern download
Star Anise Studs - a free pattern
To bridge that gap, I am sharing a Cluny tatting pattern that can be used to decorate any pearl studs. It is like an insert that can be removed &/ore replaced to suit one’s outfit, mood & occasion. One can also quickly tat it up in different colours , & variations for greater variety & options. I think it is a pretty versatile & nifty piece to have around, especially for teenagers ;-)

It started as a simple flowery freeform pattern, where I had intended to add some more rings & green foliage. However, this seemed complete as is. So threads were tied & cut off.
A nifty way to spice up any old studs you may have lying around !

Cluny tatting technique used here is basic. Only the logistics & thread engineering convert it into a 3D form.
Since the petals are freeform, although a wrap count is provided, one can alter the shape, size, length, etc. to one's desire
It is a simple front-tatting only pattern where one starts with a central ring (make sure it is slightly smaller than the size of your studs) & goes on to make Cluny tatting petals & chains with decorative picots.

UPDATE : Click here for another picture showing how to make these 3-D petals (III. 3D Tally with Bead)

I haven’t drawn a diagram . The notations seemed direct enough ; however, if anyone desires, please let me know & I will diagram the pattern.
I have, however, listed some ideas for variations on this prototype.

The name has been chosen because they resemble the spice. However, a Google search also revealed their similarity to flowers such as the Purple Loosestrife & Clematis
No stiffening was required - the petals hold their shape if the wraps are sufficiently dense/packed down.
This is how the tatting looks from behind, with the stud in place.

These can be easily converted into a separate earring ....
Add a pearl or bead in central ring directly. Add the findings in the last petal pair & you have a complete earring !

4 & 5 warp clunies can be used for the back petal as they will naturally become larger & broader. 

2 different shades/colours can be used for the front & back petals.

I have a question for designers please : How can I get a shareable pdf link with customized name ? I tried Google Docs, but it converted the 2-page pattern into 4 pages !!! Google search was of no help either ; probably didn't ask the right question ?!


  1. Lovely flower! I googled "free pdf hosting site" and found this link:

    1. Thanks, Ninetta :-)
      That is quite a list on the link you provided ! But what I am looking for is to have a proper name to the shareable link, not a string of alphanumeric gobbledigoo. Is that possible ? How?

    2. I use dropbox, for ex there you can share a directory or make it public and then file's names don't change. I think the all in the list have similar features, don't know how/if one works good for you.

    3. Ah, so that's where I saw it once -- the option to have a customized name for file, in Dropbox ! That simplifies things coz I already use it for backup.
      Will need to spend some time on this .... Thanks :-)

  2. Clever to decorate a stud like that! I use keep-and-share, a site that hosts free pdf patterns and allows me to put links to named patterns on my blog.

    1. Thanks Jane :-)
      I will look up keep-and-share. I've seen the url at times....

  3. Very beautiful flower! Thank you for the pattern.

    1. Thanks Marja :-) It can be used as any piece of jewelry - a pendant, earring, brooch, hair pin, etc.

  4. Beautiful :). Thanks for sharing muskaan :). I must find time to try tat it :).

    1. Thanks, Jenn :-)
      Would love to see you tat it -- it's a pretty basic fun way to practice Cluny Tatting :-)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pattern! I have downloaded it and added it to my list of stuff I want to tat.

    To host my files, I use Google Drive.
    When I'm logged in to Google/Gmail/Blogspot, typing takes me to There you can create folders and upload files to them. You right-click on the files to get a shareable link, and you can set the level of sharing you want to use. (I've set it so that anyone with the link can go to it, but it's not findable just by searching.) The link is gobbledygook, but, after all, you can link to it without showing the gibberish. And you can upload updated versions without changing the link. It's not Google docs - my PDFs are not modified.

    Since you're already set up on Blogspot. it might be worth trying this.

    1. That is so nice of you Grace :-) Can't wait to see your working !

      Yes, I create the shareable links using Google Drive. It was just that I was hoping one could do away with the nonsensical & non-memorizable string of alphanumeric+symbols and create a legible, easy-to-remember link :-)
      I will try dropbox as Ninetta suggested (I once created a link there & I think it gave me the option to type out my own title) or keep & share as Jane suggested. Otherwise, Google Drive continues ;-P