Wednesday, 7 October 2020

14 times 3 minus 14 times 3

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UPDATE : Oops, the equation should read 14 times 3 minus 7 times 3!

Continuing Ninetta Caruso's Girandolina di Farfalle Swirling Butterflies doily - Round 10 without the butterflies!

All my previous rounds and notes -

How slow am I?! Ninetta started much later and finished way ahead - check out her exquisite 2nd version here.   

Round 10 : without butterflies - 33cms/13" in Anchor size 40
Techniques I used: fs/bs tatting, treble stitch, spiral rings, lock join, direct tatting (for brown chains only, hence 2 shuttles)

Giro, giro, giro (round, round, round)! 
So, Round 10 requires 14 motifs comprising 3 rounds. Half of these motifs have 3 butterflies, the center butterfly (Cedronella) being a separate motif joined later. Hoping to work at a faster pace, I decided to make all 3 butterflies individually and join later. Hence the 3rd round of each motif (green) could be worked with ball and shuttle instead of 3 threads.

Farfalle (butterflies) 
I did a trial to see if they could be tatted separately, and without tail ends to hide. In the pic they are joined to picots, but when I make them now, I will try to place them on the chain directly - to lower the height, and to decrease the overwhelming green.
And none of them will need any hiding ends!!! Although I think one might have to apply some fabric glue to keep the antennae from curling and distorting when washed. We'll see ....

TIP : Since adjacent motifs are unattached except at the base, they are floppy and interfered with my tatting. I solved this by tying with scrap threads and holding them together as a unit. Worked beautifully!
The scrap threads will be snipped after I finish with the butterflies.

Girotondo (round dance)
Despite the huge amount of tatting required, I did not get bored at all. There is so much variety in terms of techniques, directions, sequence, and colours, that it keeps me happy and engaged! And instead of doing the same round consecutively 14 times, I did them in batches of 3 or 4 motifs, working lighter colours at night.

Lasagna (yummy ;-p)
I enjoy playing with in-progress lace, especially layering. Ideas swirl around and spring out! So, this is the 14 motifs folded inwards, overlapping. Not sure what idea is swirling, but I do like the effect :-D
This is the same folded round against a white background. It is so difficult to get the colours look as good as in real. A photography course?

Minore (minor) TIPs :This may be unimportant, but sharing nonetheless since it is part of my journey. 
For the spiral ring round, I did not make a lock join for the last ring. Instead, when it came to joining the last to 1st spiral, I passed tail through the 1st, and back to the space where lock join was required, and then made a knot/lock join.
As with most of my knitting, etc., I try to avoid starting at the same point. Ditto with the light yellow rings. I started by joining to the 2nd/3rd last spiral ring instead of the last. 

Errori (mistakes)
One glaring mistake reared it's head all the way back in Round 3 (the green round)! Despite all the pics I've taken and worked on, the missing ring revealed itself only when I was attaching the the 1st motif of Round 10! 
Can you spot it in the above pic? I can't 'unsee' it now ;-/ Should I add it or let it be?
There are 3 other minor errors - 1 in the light yellow picoted spiral ring round (a picot short of the required 14); 1 less tds in one of the tds spiral rings; and 3rd in one of the 14 motifs where I made a ring (3-3+4) instead of (3+3). But neither is apparent. Oh, and not using a picot gauge means my picots are not all symmetrical.

The blue and cream really stand out against this polished wood background, although all other colours have dulled down!

Nessun picot, nessun aggancio (no picot, no hooking)
As in my 2018 tat-along version, I avoided the picot and joining between the 2 green rings. The joining picot did not seem to add any value. Instead it slowed me down, trying to join such tiny rings in this dark colour. 
Keeping the count same, here's how I worked them -
    small ring : 3 +(to 2nd round) 4.
    large ring : 5 +(to 2nd round) 6.

Okay, I'm trying to show off some Italian terms I learned (or Googled) from the pattern! Hopefully some recognition, retention and recall will happen in future ;-P One can only admire how wonderfully adept Ninetta is at English - all self-learnt! 

I think this is my penultimate post on the doily. The next will be when it is all completed. 


  1. It's beautiful or I wouldsay "bellissimo", I can't see any "errori" from here! Good idea to eliminate the picot between the two tiny rings. I can't wait for the final round! I like a lot lasagna (especially that one that you can eat 😋) I'm very happy that you still like it!

    1. Grazie mille, Ninetta 😃💗
      Is that ricotta cheese in the lasagna filling? 😉😄😆

  2. Just wow. No wonder you were so immersed in it.

    1. Thanks, Jane 😍💗 Yes, even when I was feeling low and unenergetic, tatting this kept me peacefully afloat

  3. Podziwiam Twoje zdolności,przepiękna serwetka !!!

  4. Wow! Your color choices are amazing! I do enjoy reading your posts. I learn so much from them. Between you and Ninetta, I feel there is so much I could learn if only I'd put my mind to it!

    1. Thanks, Diane 💗🌹💗 I learn so much from all your various projects, too, and am thankful for all who share their notes!

  5. It's beautiful!!! :)
    I like the overlapping circles, the looks like pineapple rings to me. ;)

    1. Okay, now you've reminded me of pineapple upside down cake and made me hungry 😉😆😄 Thanks, Sue 💗🌹💗

  6. Looks like so much of tatting...but still as you have written varieties included..Thank you for sharing so clear tutorial...

    1. It is a lot of tatting, but all good and engaging and fun 😃 Andthere are a few rounds after which one can stop if one wants. Thanks, Ranjana, and welcome to my blog 💗🌹💗