Saturday, 20 July 2019

live and kicking

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...tatting in my pocket
2 years back (huh, July again!) I posted a few of my verses on ‘Tatting in my Pocket’. On 3rd of this month Noelene Lafferty – the originator – revived it in the Just Tatting group on facebook!
If you haven't, do check out all the new contributions members made there.

I wrote a new verse immediately …
((English teachers, please excuse the poor meter! ;-D))

I have simple Pony shuttles
Threads I have galore
With tatting in my pocket
I couldn't ask for more !  
- July 3, 2019

I also shared my old verses there. But it is so addicting – lines kept whirling in my head and even though I didn’t get around to sharing them on facebook, I’m doing them here now.

To save our ecosystem, I'd
like to plant many a tree
but with tatting in my pocket
I'm on a lace making spree !

Ma taught me cooking
Pa taught me cycling
with tatting in my pocket
my hands are always singing
- July 4, 2019

And then some more ….

Sitting in the balcony
Watching monsoon shower
with tatting in my pocket
I ... have the Power

I don't need yoga
Nor do pranaayaam
Tatting in my pocket
Is my way to Dhyaan
- July 7, 2019

And more recently in O’Claire de lune’s post on lace v/s tatting, this is what I posted

In the world of lace
Tatting has no place?!
Tatting is alive in my pocket
‘n’ will ne’er vanish without a trace.
- July 17, 2019

The flower in the pics is an old prototype - the 3D Carnation. Tatting is alive and kicking !!!


  1. That so weird, I just posted about a class I took where we made fluffy tails on cats it's the same principle as your carnation, great minds think alike😀👍

    1. 💜💙💛💚 I'm in good company, Carollyn 😄 This flower was made back in 2017. Just wanted some pics to go with this post 😉😆

  2. Great fun. Some folk did get agitated about the question of whether tatting is lace. I don’t think it matters that much - have tatting in your pocket and keep on!

    1. Wise And practical advice, Jane 💖💖💖💖💖
      I usually avoid such questions, but was 'in the mood' that day 😄😄😄
      Another such is needle versus shuttle tatting !

  3. Beautiful carnation and beautiful poem.

  4. Does poetry about tatting make Knotty Poems? LOL

    As always, your posts are fun and thought provoking. Thank you for letting us peek at a small corner of your mind.

    Linda R

    1. :-D, Linda, we are all pretty Knotty, wot?! ;-P

      I was inspired to write verses when I saw little girls from class 5 & 6 writing beautiful poetry in one of the schools I taught. But one of my dear friends said the same - he wanted to see my unedited version rather than the completed poem, in order to get a glimpse of my thought process :-D