Saturday, 11 June 2016

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test-tatting for Jane Eborall
do you really think her patterns need testing ?!

I’m sure we’ve all seen Jane’s latest necklace. It is such a beautiful piece – simple elegance ! So when the opportunity to test tat it came, I grabbed it, even though (or perhaps especially because) I consider myself bead-challenged.
Don’t get me wrong – I love beads & admire all the exquisite beaded tatting & tatters who can accomplish it. Beads add not just beauty & ornamentation; they have functional significance too – adding more colours, adding texture & dimension, bridging spaces, eliminating auxiliary threads, …. you know more than I do. It’s just that when I work with beads, my eyes get all beady, my threaded hands get all knotty, and my head goes for a long beaded spin ! Time seems to whirl away while my tatting seems to crawl. So beads go from affecting my eyes, to hands, to brain, and the whole Time dimension :-(
Trial 1 : vintage threads Anchor size 30 ; size 9 beads ;
finished length - 2"
Instead of the necklace, I chose to tat only the earrings. Loved it !!! It was fun because large beads were used & no stringing them; and a great learning experience. It also turned out a blessing in disguise, because this bead in SCMR has solved a problem I was facing with one of my patterns. Thanks to Jane at so many levels :-)
Trial 2 : Anchor size 20 threads ; size 6 beads ;
finished length - 2½
My Notes :
  1. When closing the SCMR half-way, keep enough loop space on either side of bead. This eases joining back. Learned from the 1st trial.
  2. There was some mismatch between threads & beads which has stumped me. But the pattern is very forgiving.
  3. Instead of lock join, I used the outer thread join (Teiko Fujito). With LJ I was getting a distinctly visually split ring (as seen in the lowermost ring in both versions ; see arrows in pic below). The outer thread join reduced the colour blip at both ends of ring, giving it more of a complete circle effect.
  4. Bead within half SCMR is a great bridging technique for making a pattern in one-pass !

I didn’t have to refer to any tutorial ! My beads & attaching findings learning is taking shape ;-P


Filet in Silhouette

I had been admiring Amanda’s filet tatting projects on Craftree for quite a while. Recently she offered to create a tutorial tat-along. How could I stay away ?!
Finally started yesterday. Went pretty smoothly.
Her directions & instructions are very clear & well laid out. 
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My Notes :

  1. I used size 20 thread, hence increased chain stitches to 6ds for each chain segment.
  2. Ch5 can be made to face outwards as Ch1 & all the other chains in that ‘line’ (eg. Ch9, 13, etc).
  3. I used directional (fs/bs) tatting.
  4. The striver acts as a tiny picot gauge in position B, when used after the SLT . In position A, it acts as a barrier while including the tiny picot.
  5. Not all chain turns require an SLT & SPB. I could accomplish most of then with SPA, which, in effect incorporates an SLT, but around the striver.
  6. The construction using the strivers & SLT is also reminiscent of the Celtic Knotted Picot discussed in the overhand tie here
Incidentally, I have used what I called the “SLT picot” in Round 6 of Renulek’s Wiosna last year ! I wanted to change colour midway through a chain, but the pattern called for a small picot too (see pic below). I didn’t use a striver, just SLT, then a small picot. SLT or overhand tie helps to switch shuttle positions.

So, Lesson 1 (partially) is how far I got when I had to break for dinner & chores. But it must’ve been on my mind 'coz I filleted my own finger !!! Gotta give the shuttles a break :-(


A doily tat-along by Renulek
Rounds 9 & 10 (size 40 cream Anchor thread)

Round 9 measures 10½”
A simple rings and chains round. So I went with direct tatting (reverse stitch) for the chains. I find it easier/faster to switch shuttles & work from the front than reel in & reel out the bobbin in main shuttle & reverse work. Worked counter-clockwise.
Yes, there was some ruffling, but Renulek had assured us that it will go away in a few more rounds.
Split chain to climb out to round 10

Round 10 measures 11½” 
Went with normal 2-shuttle tatting, since there were frequent floating rings. Didn’t make sense to do direct tatting. So working in clockwise direction, with reverse work & switch shuttles.
Again used a split chain & split ring to climb out for round 11.


That’s all there is for now. I have finally taken photographs of my recent projects, so you can expect more posts soon :-)
Thanks for reading along …
many thanks to Jane, Manda-tory, & Renulek 

Wiosna 2016 Rnds 1-3 ; Rnd 4 ; Rnds 5-6 ; Rnds 7-8


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Ninetta, you are too kind :-) The SCMR-bead has given me a solution to the bracelet problem !!!

  2. I tested Jane's technique too - love its simplicity and that beads don't have to be threaded beforehand. I look forward to seeing your filet tatting. I've often wondered if it's worth the effort involved because it's so much simpler in crochet and I don't think that tatting with its natural curves lends itself to the squareness of filet. I'm willing to be convinced!

    1. Jane, this beaded project was fun for me, too ! Me, and beads !!!
      I totally agree with you about crochet filet. But I like to learn new things to see for myself (to be convinced ;-P). In fact, initially I had thought this would have split chains. Hmm, may be SCh trials are in order ? Thanks :-)))

  3. Wow!!! You sure have been busy!!! :)
    Everything looks great!!! :)

    1. Actually, Sue, I tatted only the earrings & filet bookmark on 10th ; the doily had been done long long back, but no blocking & photos ;-P

  4. Sorry, Carollyn, your lovely comment got deleted by mistake :-( And I only hope it hasn't been marked as spam. Please let me know if you have difficulty leaving a comment in future.
    The earrings (& necklace) are a very quick tat, using Any beads & threads on hand, so do give it a go :-)

  5. Once again, you have published a very informative post! I really am looking forward to the day you put out a book. I will be first in line to order an autographed copy! ;-)

    1. LOL, Diane, but if I do autograph it, you won't recognise the name ! (((Hugs)))

  6. Ha! I've often wondered about your online moniker!

    The Renulek looks wonderful and I am always astounded at how much you tat, teach and compose such informative posts. Kudos!

    1. A Fox does have a keen senses ;-P
      Thanks for your kind words - I just share what I am still learning.