Monday, 6 June 2016

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The Eleventh Day of December Snowflake
Lene Björn

Playing with colours and floral effect

Round 1 – Anchor Mercer size 40 black. ¾”
Used scrap black threads. Single shuttle & ball.  Ring 1 – normal, then added ball thread and next 4 rings are SCMR, last ring either SSSR to hide ends or normal ring.

TIP : Gapsosis helps

Round 2 – Anchor embroidery cotton, 3 strands. 3¼” 
SH1 : magenta/plum 069
SH2 : variegated  1305

TIP : Fold trefoil when starting chain, to keep the chain flush.

Other techniques : All normal picots. Directional tatting. Picot Joins (up & down)

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  1. I agree... gapsosis can be good! The snowflake looks fabulous!

  2. Beautiful snowflake, love the way you have used colour

  3. Thanks Diane & Margaret :-) I kept this one simple in order to see how these colours work together

  4. Fantastic Tatting, love your work. I did this one using two shuttles switching for the clovers on the last round.

  5. Thanks Sue & Bernice :-)
    I will have to go back to your Craftree album, Bernice, for another look. You did real great in completing all 24 in one go!