Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tatting Doodles

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Tatting for Hol
It’s Holi time – a festival of colours, of advent of  Spring, of start of lunar New Year (for some Hindu communities), a washing away of the past & starting afresh, ….
A while back when I searched for tatting related to Holi, I couldn’t find anything; so decided to try something myself. 
This doodle composition, which makes a nice greeting card, too, gradually took shape as well as symbolic meaning. 
I visualized 2 pichkaris (pronounced as pitch-kaa-ree), the quintessential image of Holi with water curlicues in Spectrum colours. I have deliberately not used the term ‘water pistols’ or ‘water guns’…. Later I added a 3rd pichkari doodle. 
Made with Bliss variegated threads, perhaps a size 3 or 7. Main body of each measures approx 1½” x ½”

Floating Chain, Block tatting
Floating Chain, Block tatting.
The longer piston has picots for attachment
Lock Chain piston, Twisted picot handle,
Lock Chain Block tatting 

Techniques used & Tutorials referred 
(click on each for link to page)
Lock Chain BlockTatting  (although I did it a bit differently, using 2 shuttles & switching at each row)
Twisted Picot for handle bar of 3rd pichkari doodle

Each pichkari spouts a different colour of water, one each of the 3 basic colours, red, blue, yellow. 
I used fine Rayon &/or silk threads & worked almost blind (stitches based mainly on experience & tactile decisions). 

Floating chains (SSSCh) for water
The tiny ring in some chains
is a water droplet
Yellow thread kept breaking ;-(
In a later post, I will detail out the process & stitchcounts (wherever possible). It was a continuous process of learning & tweaking & adapting. Not happy with the Lock Chain Block Tatting in this instance, but persisted because I wanted to add to my ‘new technique learned’ list.

A little cheating here. Simply tied a secure knot & snipped.

A greeting card for Holi, 
using tatted doodles & symbolism 

So, what do you think this composition, and it’s elements, signifies ?
Happy Tatting :-)

Motif # 15 / II for 25 Motif Challenge


  1. I saw pictures on tv of Holi festivities - such vibrant colours, wonderful. There were coloured powders being thrown, but also the people were wearing clothes in magnificent bright colours.

    1. It IS a very colourful festival ! But generally people tend to wear 'old' clothes that can be discarded later, because the colors don't always wash off completely ;-P
      In one of y'day's newspapers, was an item on how this is beginning to be celebrated in many places globally, along with a pic of a huge group playing & celebrating in South Africa !
      Thanks, Jane :-)

  2. Beautiful card. Thank you for sharing your new techniques and especially the cultural significance of your card.

    1. Thanks M ! I have tried to add a more global perspective to the card.
      Using basic colours for water, which when mixed, takes the form of myriad flowers in all colours, representing a co-mingling & coming together of ideas, cultures, knowledge, isms, & so on …. flourishing & prospering together in peace & harmony.

  3. Love the way you have portrayed the color being sprayed out. Your little rayon splashes of color are perfect for the card. Happy Holi.

    1. Thank you Bernice :-) I love the effect, too. But it was all working blind with only tactile & experiential instinct. I will be writing about my thoughts/observations on working with rayon for long chains, etc. in a later post.

  4. This is very nice and love the colors like the festival just beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, C :-) Glad you like the splash of colours !

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so very much :-)))
      I don't know how this comment slipped by ... hence the delay

  6. I LOVE this work ! Such brightful colors, happiness !
    That reminds me that I have to try block tatting ^^

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! So glad you liked this :-) It IS the festival of colours .
      Will be looking to see how you apply your block tatting :-)