Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hiding Ends sans sewing

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March  equals  Loopy !

Frivole is recipient of, & witness to, my loopiness ! I blame it squarely on March !
"March was the month when most people went loopy, like the Marchhares" (Edna O'Brien).

The tale of loops started when Ninetta posted her Quad 13 pattern here, & mentioned how she loved Frivole’s method of hiding ends in a chain ! Intense curiosity (one has to heed the wise words of experienced & talented tatters !) led me to her post, but the pictorial link had been removed. 
When contacted, Frivole promptly & graciously sent me the link & the 2nd loop commenced, leaving me in knots ! On her recommendation, I also looked at the Magic Loops & during our conversation checked out the Magic Thread Tricks (MTT) on various sites/blogs. 
Long loop short, I finally “got it”, first Jon’s ‘Magic Thread Method’ of hiding ends which had eluded me so far , topped with Frivole’s pictorial ‘Finishing on a Chain’!!!

Hiding Ends sans Sewing - 2 methods
Magic Thread Method - Jon Yusoff

For my 1st attempt, early last year, I had chosen a size 40 Anchor cotton as magic loop while tatting with size 20. That was a miserable failure.
This time I chose a strong Coats thread (spool in pic) but doubled over ! Following Jon Yusoff’s tutorial on Magic Thread Method, I used it at both ends (start & then at finish). And as many commentators pointed out, I chose to do the very last 2nd half of double stitch ‘normal’ (ie. without the loop). When the loops were pulled, they were wonderfully successful !!! Yippee !

Finishing on a Chain by Frivole
With this confidence under my belt, I tried Frivole’s method. She was kind enough to communicate with tips & suggestions, and also cleared my doubts. Hey, it worked so Smoothly !!! Yes, this is my new favorite, my go-to !!!
Before snipping the ends, I tugged on both ends together, making sure the wrap was tight & snug. Only then did I snip the ends completely.
Again, to make sure, I pulled at the chain that was hiding the ends. No Problem ! Nothing popped out ! 
Update : Here is the link to Frivole's pictorial : Finishing on a Chain

TIP : An added advantage to this method is that no other thread/loop/floss/etc. is required.  And in case one forgets to add the magic thread in the beginning,  it makes absolutely no difference because all one "needs" is the core thread itself :-) Except for a scissors, one does not need anything else in one's work basket !!!

Quad 13 by Ninetta Caruso
Back to original loop. The place & reason where this all started, viz. the square motif. Well, here it is …. Ninetta’s Quad 13 photo-tutorial & pattern . Easy, enjoyable, quick, beautiful ! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern !
And yes, I used Frivole’s method to hide ends. Look Ma, no sewing :-D

Threads used : Anchor Mercer size 20.
Olive Green : 4054-0269
White w/ Tan (variegated) : 4054-1218 
The completed motif measures approx. 3”x 3” (at the broadest parts) & approx. 4” diagonally.

I am adding all the links relating to Hiding Ends, that I collated, in the Tatting Resources page. Including the ones mentioned here. And the comments therein have pearls of wisdom too.
Hearty Thanks to Frivole, Jon, Ninetta :-)

Motif #16/II for 25 Motif Challenge


  1. Well done! I don't mind sewing ends in, under the caps, so I gave up on magic loop after not trying all that hard.

    1. Somehow it all came together very easily and smoothly this time, once I picked up my shuttles, Jane ! Frivole helped with her tips, and it was really easygoing. I guess all the stars aligned in the right formation ;-P

  2. A small amount of madness is healthy indeed! Lovely tatting :)

    1. I'll leave the measurement on loopymeter, to Frivole ;-P
      So glad you liked it, Ninetta !

  3. The magic loop is great if I remember to add the loop otherwise I sew it in, I also am a time cruncher with tatting and it seems to take a bit of time to fiddle with the loop that sewing it in takes less time. But I also know the more you work with it the less time it takes and old habits die hard :)
    I am grateful for your sight and how you set things up for quick access Thankyou sooo much hugs from Carollyn

    1. I think that is where Frivole's method is far more practical ! No need to remember to add the loop, no need for additional tools/materials, no Needle ;-P Provided, of course, that the last chain is at least 6 ds in length. A shorter chain might not keep the ends secure it is going to be a much used piece of tatting.
      Thank you so much for your kind words :-) I always look forward to your wise tips & suggestions :-)

  4. Was a knitter and could not master it there either... The Magic Loop and I do not play well together...

    1. Never tried it with knitting, Fox. In knitting, I don't mind sewing in the yarn. I have started to enjoy it in fact (loopy me!) ;-P
      But in tatting, I am now a firm convert ! I couldn't Believe how easy it was. Especially Frivole's method where the threads slide through so smoothly, even before you know it you feel the slide between your fingers !
      I don't want to be presumptuous or preach or anything, but do give it a try just this once ? I'm sure you will be satisfied especially with the very fine threads you work with :-)
      Always nice to have you stop by, Fox :-)

  5. Great resources, I have never had much luck with the magic thread, either I forget or the thread breaks. I will look for some strong smooth thread just for may tatting box.

    1. When I Googled for details of my Coats Griffin thread, turned out it is used for eyebrow threading ! It is a size 40. Last evening I started Renulek's 2015 doily & remembered to add the magic thread. It worked, & hopefully it will become a habit :-))
      Thanks Bernice

  6. Replies
    1. All kudos to the designer for sharing such a lovely motif pattern ! Thanks, Sue :-)

  7. Your square is very nice, well done!

    1. I'm happy if I did justice to the square & so glad you liked it, Lilas :-))