Tuesday, 31 March 2015

'coz we are tatters

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On International Tatting Day, 2015,
this nonsense verse is dedicated to us, the quirky Tatterati !!!

'Coz We Are Tatters 

The room is all a-clutter
The family a-grumble,  a-mutter,
But my heart is still a-flutter,
Stashing more thread is all that matters
'Coz I am a tatter.

"That money's for food !"
Oh, honey, I'm sure we're good.
Need a new shuttle in wood
Diversifying my collection is all that matters
'Coz I am a tatter .

There's a new book online
Well I mayn't tat a design
But that book has to be mine
Stocking my library is all that matters
'Coz, peeps, I am very much a tatter !
                     (muskaan . March 2015)

Make lace, not war :-D

Earlier today (31st March), Patty D, in a Craftree thread, wished that "there was a Tatter's Song". That’s when my brain went into overdrive ;-P   Well, I couldn't belt out a verse on tatting,  but tatters & our obsession with collection did emerge .

Feel free to use it as you wish (with credit).... spread tatting and good cheer today, and always :-D

 Chat 'n' Tat 'coz we're the Tatterati !!!


  1. Very cute did you write this?

  2. Hehehee! Great job! Do you mind if I use this? Giving you credit, of course! I don't have a lot going for International Tattering Day this year and I'd love to have this as my quote of the day!

    1. Go right ahead and use it ! Glad it brought a smile :-D

  3. Love it! Happy International Tatting Day to you muskaan :).

  4. :-) love your song Muskaan, have a happy tatting day.

  5. Am still tatting, Jane and had a large bite of a large Toblerone ;-P
    Glad you enjoyed the song :-)

  6. I found a stash of Toblerone's in the junk food bin some months ago...they are long gone by now! Lovely tatting bouquet by the way :)

    1. Lol, now That's a stash that will never 'grow' .... it will naturally get depleted in record time ;-D
      Glad you like the bouquet ... The 2 toffees at the bottom right are Usha's pattern. Rest are all my own doodad.

  7. Love it! Happy tatting day!

    1. Thanks Ninetta :-) Happy tatting to you, too .... may you continue to inspire :-)

  8. Fabulous Muskaan. It was the words of the song, it only remains to find a music composer.

    1. Merci, Lilas :-) Now who will take up the gauntlet ;-P ???
      Hope you had a fun tatting day

  9. Love your song, very true of tatters
    Hope you had a great day

    1. So glad you enjoyed the song, Margaret :-D
      Yes, I did do quite a lot of tatting in the evening (Wiosna doily), besides sipping tea & munching on chocolate ;-P