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Tatting : Learning is Fun with TIAS !

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TIAS and My Learning Curve

Still tatting with only single shuttle or a shuttle & ball ?
Wish to learn some more advanced techniques ?
And have Fun in the process ?!

This year, for the very first time, I entered a Tat It And See (TIAS) : Jane's TIAS 2014
I had come across the 'TIAS' acronym occasionally on Pinterest, but didn't really focus on it. Then, I stumbled upon it again on InTatters & that's when I decided to have a dekko. When I read Jane's Introduction, my mind was instantly made up - I was going to give it a try. 


  • Firstly, because there were a few 'new' techniques involved that I needed to learn viz, the Split Ring (SR), how to join the second side of SR, the Catherine Wheel Join (CWJ) & the Self Closing Mock Ring (SCMR).
  • Secondly, I needed to get out of my comfort zone & try out these techniques. I'd been pinning them on Stitches & How-tos for a few months, but didn't get around to actually learning & using them.
  • Thirdly, Jane would "be available to give help at all times" ! How could I let up an opportunity to learn from experts & experienced tatters?!
  • Lastly, I could compare & contrast my work with that of so many others from All Across the Globe almost in real time !

And I'm so very glad I did !
Not only have I learnt the techniques set out, but am now open to the enormous possibilities ahead ! Boy, was I stuck in medieval times !!!

Before I post pictures of my progress , a few lines about Split Ring technique...

Split Rings (SR)

I had some pages of SR tutorials - with step-by-step pictures & instructions - printed from the net way back in 2000 (before the www revolution !). (Now that's procrastination !)
Since I hold my tatting pinched between thumb & middle finger (not thumb & index finger), I struggled with the SR initially. Even now, with quite some practice under my belt, my pace slows down a bit while doing the 2nd side of SR. And mine is definitely Not an elegant way to hold & tat the SR ;-)

The trick - extremely important , & something which I keep reminding myself - is to KEEP the Core Thread TAUT At All Times ! If it stays taut, the ds will NOT Flip, no matter what; each half stitch will slide easily into position.
And I have now started holding the core thread across the last 2 fingers for greater stability. It works for me.

Here are the photos with captions that apply Only to what I can see in front of me ; not guesses about the ultimate solution ;-)

Shark head?!

Bells or Blooms ?!
Yin Yang Bracelet ?!

Cute little florets !

Bluebells & Buttercups in Bloom

Flowers in a Pot or an upside-down Hat?!
Doffing One's Hat or Falling Ice-cream Cones?

Well, this is how far we've come. Waiting for Day 9 & more.....
Will update with latest photographs about progress.

My Experience thus far

  • each step is broken down into very small unobtrusive units.
  • very clear instructions accompanied with diagram/chart & specific pointers if required.
  • links to techniques & tutorials
  • pattern is added every 3-4 days leaving ample time to slip in those small tatting elements & upload pic at own convenience. 
  • this is not a competition, hence no deadlines & one can tat at one's own pace, place & convenience.
  • one can join in whenever one wants. I heard of it when Day 3 had already commenced... some are joining in even as late as Day 8.
  • easy access to Jane for any queries & doubts. She responds to emails promptly with all the help & advice asked for!
  • new & varied perspectives. It is always inspiring to see how others have positioned their day's work & what guesses they come up with & why ! How placing or seeing the piece from another angle can change one's perspective & view, ...
  • the choice of colors & yarn is so varied & interesting !
  • the mystery element ! While the final outcome is not known, daily guesses add to the fun factor. I'm sure even Jane, as the designer, must have her wondrous moments, inspired by comments from participants.

And I Must add : Through this TIAS, I am obviously learning new tatting techniques. But even more enjoyable is the vast talent, creativity & imagination that tatters from across the globe are bringing to this game ! Creativity - both literary (some truly inspired verses!), use of  such gorgeously diverse threads, juxtaposing pictures & tatting pieces, drawing & sketching, .... And real-time weather updates from so many countries & time-zones !!! A truly fun learning experience! Thank you fellow-tatters !

Last but not least, my thanks to Jane for her very prompt replies & help. One can truly count on her  !

It's never too late start ! Hope to see you on Jane's TIAS 2014 :-)

UPDATE : Here is the 2nd and final part of the TIAS 2014 : Learning was fun with TIAS (Days 9-16) with some jottings about the lessons learned ....

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