Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tatting Patterns II : 2 Simple Motifs / Snowflakes

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Pentagonal & Hexagonal Motif / Snowflake Patterns & Their Applications 

Looking for simple motif / snowflake  patterns ?
Want to finish off bits & pieces of left-over yarn?
Looking for some Quick & Practical solutions ?

I am sharing 2 very simple 2-shuttle tatting patterns.
  • As single, separate entities, these are ideal for motifs, appliques, or snowflakes.
  • When linked together in a 'row' they make beautiful bookmarks, edgings, bracelets, headbands, etc.
  • Join at multiple points/tips/picots to create coasters, mats, Cheval set, table-runner, etc.

Versatile, eh ?!

Thread used: Anchor (Coats) Mercerized Cotton #20. Colors : Blue - 0131 & Black.

Pentagonal Motif / Snowflake 

<1.5' / < 4 cm across
2 shuttle pattern - Shuttle 1: blue; Shuttle 2: black.

I wonder whether this can be called my original pattern ? I "derived" it from the Hexagonal Motif pattern shown below. ;-)

Pentagonal Motif / Snowflake with inked pattern

Hexagonal Motif / Snowflake

1.5' / 4 cm wide
2 shuttle pattern. Shuttle 1 : Black ; Shuttle 2 : Blue.

Hexagonal Motif/Snowflake with inked pattern

TIP : These motifs are a great yarn stash-buster ! And one can make them bright & single or multicolored with whatever yarn is leftover in shuttles ;-)

Ideas for Projects / Applications 

  • Pendant : Single motifs can be strung to make cute little pendants for a simple necklace ! A very easy & quick gift to accessorize :-)
Motif  Pendants (Idea)

  • Choker / Bookmark / Edging : When Hexagonal motifs are joined at 2 points / picots, it creates a beautiful edging or bookmark. It would also look great as a headband, belt,  bracelet or choker! 

Hexagonal Motif Edging / Bracelet

TIP : This very bookmark or edging can make quite a spectacular picture/mirror / photo frame decoration ! Simply glue around any plain old frame to bring it to life :-)

Note : 
In the pics below, I haven't actually joined the motifs ...  merely playing around with the many possible arrangements. Depending on the project, one can join/attach motifs as one tats along. 
Or add beads & create cute accessories for self or gifting.
Even without beads, the tiny rings at each angle give a beaded effect !

  • Bookmark / Bracelet : When Motifs are joined only at one tip / picot, they create a very delicate, lacy bookmark, bracelet, headband, choker !

Hexagonal Motif Bookmark / Bracelet
Similarly, one can join the Pentagonal motifs to make bracelets !

  • Bracelet : A little starching or blocking may be required to keep the little rings in place.
Hexagonal Motifs Bracelet

  • Coaster : Attach 4 motifs for a square coaster. These can be sewn on to fabric or one can add some edging around the periphery & a little motif in the center, to fill up the spaces, if desired.

Hexagonal Motifs Coaster Sampler

  • Mat / Runner : When joined in a rectangular arrangement, the motifs can make table-runners &/or place-mats. The number of rows & columns can be decided as per requirement.

Hexagonal Motif Mat / Runner

  • Gift Wrap & Cards : Use Motifs / Snowflakes to decorate greeting cards, tags, etc. Instead of ribbons, strings of motifs can be used to tie gifts ! Practical & re-usable !

Yes, make Motifs your friend ! You never know when they might 
come in handy to decorate, adorn, create. 

Constructive Feedback is always welcome :-)


  1. I followed your link on the thread blogging on intatters, I am sure now we know you have a blog you. Will get a lot of visitors. Anyway I saw your motifs on intatters and I like the way you have put the motifs together. Another use is putting them on a card, and if a bit bigger a pendant.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you, Margaret - for the lovely comment, as well as the helpful tips you've provided :-) I do hope I can be a fast learner as far as blogging is concerned ;-)