Tuesday, 22 November 2022

extractme roundup

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My PIC (partner in crime), Ninetta introduces this post in her beautiful imagery –

“What does creativity mean? If you try to answer just using words, it's a difficult question. We need help from images and examples. Creativity is like a tiny round stone in the highest mountain, at the edge of the cliff, when a puff of breeze would be enough to change its destiny. Our Sept game #extractmeEndrucks has been that puff. Naively, Muskaan and I thought that the game would have remained in the 2D space, just to decorate cards! One more time, our wonderful tatters have taken us in the amazing multifaceted world of creativity, and surprised us with a bunch of beautiful tatted motifs.
Thank you very much, dear tatters, for your creativity!
Happy Endrucks' tatting!”

If you remember, our FB group Sep/Oct game was about extracting one or more motifs from Endrucks' pattern #25 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/19rR3fDG_ZHO9imf-EuPQO9dSd531UZl4/view), tatting and arranging them on a card. https://tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.com/2022/09/game-of-extraction.html Following are the models and samplers/in-progress pics sent in. Let me start with the extractions that have patterns (alphabetically, not chronologically) - 

1. Daniela Galli adapted the same motif to create not just a 3D pumpkin but also the leaves. 

3D PUMPKIN / ZUCCA pattern by Daniela Galli - 

2. Julie Myers also used the same motif but added layers around it for a 2D pumpkin. 
PUMPKIN pattern by Julie Myers -
3. Anna Bonelli worked her magic for a fairy door applique on denim.

4. Antonia Lai has started an edging with a much adapted 'partial' motif. Just these 2 repeats could  work well as dog or cat ears or adorned on an infant's headband.

5. Jiamrat Supapol extracted motifs from 2 different patterns 9 the pea motif in 2 colours from #25, and the happy hands motif from #1) and combined them beautifully for her applique. 

6. Margaret Davies worked 4 pea motifs into butterfly wings, adding a head.

7. Margaret Davies is a master card-maker and adorned her card with a bouquet of several extracted motifs. [https://margaretsdesignercards.blogspot.com/]

8. Muskaan adapted the pea motif into palm fronds and added a trunk with another extracted motif. A 3rd motif acts as the sun. This is a WIP. 

9. Ninetta Caruso used the motif as a leaf to enhance her flower card. [https://ninettacaruso.blogspot.com/]

10. Ninetta Caruso
 extracted another motif for a 2nd card. Now is this painter painting a large flower or is it a colour palette? 

11. Nona Litzelman amazed us with this clever arrangement of her adapted extractions! 

12. Pam Hemenway needle tatted Julie's pumpkin with a slight tweaking of stitch counts. 

13. Paola Emilia Rotuletti created this elegant flower bush for her card. 

14. Paola Emilia Rotuletti quickly tatted up Daniela's pumpkin and served it on a porcelain tray.

15.  Winnie Ho worked 2 pairs of beautiful earrings using the pea motif, inspired by the palm fronds and Stephanie W's comment that the pea motif could be used to create an entire harvest basket. (https://tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.com/2022/09/idea-in-progress.html

The pea motif appears to be the single most favourite motif among our participants. Yet it has been used with such clever diversity.
Our current game for November, #tagmeEndrucks, is well underway with lots of models already posted. We will need several roundup posts to showcase them all ;-D

A simple thanks seems so inadequate, yet it is sincere and heartfelt. 
Many many thanks to all our participants for your beautiful work and creativity

Endrucks 1920 Project Facebook group

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  1. Wow!!! I love all the different adaptations!!!! :)
    It is amazing how one person will inspire another which inspires another and so on..... :)

    1. Exactly, Sue! One imagination only takes us that far; when it is shared, a fountain emerges ❤️

    2. Or should I say beanstalk 馃榿

  2. Kreatywno艣膰 nie ma granic.
    Jeden element da si臋 wykorzysta膰 na wiele sposob贸w daj膮c nowe rozwi膮zania i wzory.
    艢liczne wszystkie motywy.
    Pozdrawiam ciep艂o.

    1. Very well said, splocik, thank you 馃挅馃槏

  3. I have a feeling this project has turned into a veritable snowball and it just keeps growing. It's amazing what great ideas have emerged. Great job to all the contributors!

    1. It certainly has, Lavi, beyond our wildest dreams, thanks to the imaginative contributions of our members馃槏

  4. Pi臋kne frywolitkowe prace - r贸偶norodne i pomys艂owe :) Pozdrawiam:)