Tuesday, 8 September 2020

4 plus 1 is 5

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This is the start to Ninetta Caruso's Swirling Butterflies doily which I am privileged to test tat. If you remember, she had posted these 3 rounds as a tat-along in which I participated here.
See all her related posts here.

This time I am working in Anchor size 40.
Round1 - 2.5cms worked clockwise with shuttle and ball;
Round2 - 4.5cms worked from right to left (counterclockwise) with single shuttle.
Techniques - spiral rings, treble tatting

2nd round is worked first, but joined into a circle only after the 1st round is completed. It is such fun to tame the linear spiral rings braid into a circle!

Round3 is worked with 3 threads due to this colour placement. However she also gives the option to work it with 2 threads. This is where my confusion arose. Her diagram says 4ds chain before and after the butterfly, but her 2-thread pictorial showed 5ds chains. Hmmm, turns out in the former there is 1ds made on either end, with the blue thread, thus equaling 5ds! Back to kindergarten....

All my notes are in the above link.
The butterflies are worked from the back. The chains have 2 core threads, and is easier to work as encapsulation or direct tatting (reverse/unflipped stitches)  moving counterclockwise.

With butterflies, it measures 7.5cms and without butterflies this would be 6cms across.
Techniques - treble tatting, encapsulation, treble join (layered)

Now to continue with the next rounds.

All my projects are on hold as I focus on this doily. But I have decided on the colour scheme Ruth Perry's bookmark adaptation as a mat. I might have to discard the length already made in case there is too much difference in the thickness of threads.

A gorgeous hanky edging from Kathleen Minniti is also in queue!


  1. I love my little mat that only goes as far as this, I have it on display. I look forward to seeing more rounds.

    1. Despite having tatted it before, the butterfly round gave me pause 😃
      Must look for your mat, Jane, I seem to have forgotten your version

  2. Wow! You are on a roll. I see the butterflies! And they do look like they’re swirling around your delay, or your motif. So colorful. So pleasing to look at.

    1. Thanks, Anita :-D Actually it is a cheekily clever pattern with subtle swirls going on in several rounds! Can't wait to continue ...

  3. I love your colors. It looks like the butterflies are dancing around a giant sunflower!

    1. That was exactly what I was going for, Emily ;-P Glad we are synced ;-D

  4. Beautiful tatting and beautiful colors too! Thank you very much!

    1. You should save the thanks for the end, Nin....you might like the colour story as it unfolds 😉😄😃
      It is a beautiful doily and I am honoured to be testing it 💛💚💙