Sunday, 17 April 2016

All excuses have been rounded doily !

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Wiosna 2016

I wasn’t going to tat a doily, especially not a Renulek doily this year. I have a lot on my tatting plate already, including the snowflake challenge, the joins in shuttle tatting series, the pinterest challenge, the Online tatting Class, the Designer Class, and my personal learning (tatting needles were delivered this afternoon !!!). Quite a shuttle-full & more !
But as soon as Renulek posted this year’s pattern, and I saw the lovely centre, I caved. No problem…. I have rounded up all my excuses for starting the doily and in case I decide not to complete it !

My Current Excuses :
I do love Renulek's doilies - they are charming & beautiful & always lie flat.

Of the three Renulek doilies I tatted, her Spring 2014 doily (had to leave midways for want of thread) & Wiosna 2015 are already in use. But these are in size 20 - no longer my favorite size. 
Then came her Snow Doily from 2012 in size 40 – loved the delicate lace, but has been gifted (remind me to post the final rounds). It was sent away far too soon. So, I need a size 40, don’t I ?! 

Now all my doilies – small & big – are in colour(s). My DH always admired the white or ecru originals whenever I showed him & asked why I didn’t tat in single colour. So here I am ... At present, it is the perfect foil to all the colour play in Lene’s snowflakes

Working with a single colour is such a relief, such a breeze! No colour decisions (major Phew!), no loading shuttles with different threads, easy climbing out of rounds, …

I can practice direct tatting (reverse/unflipped stitch) for long stretches & really improve my tension there.

Thread : Anchor Mercer size 40 . Art 4054. Cream – 0300.
Measurements : Rnd 1 : ¾” ; Rnd 2 : 2½” ; Rnd 3 : 3½”  
Techniques : 2 shuttles, CTM, direct tatting, split ring, directional tatting

Rounds 1 & 2 : I started with 2 shuttles loaded CTM. This time I did not anchor the adjacent rings in center with very small picot linkages as I did here because I liked the slight overlap in Renulek’s picture.
Climbed out with a split ring.
Round 2 was tatted clockwise entirely from the front (Direct tatting or reverse/unflipped stitches). Loved how quickly & smoothly it went with no reverse work.
As you can see I left a marker/spacer clip on the first chain where the round will join back on completion.

Round 3 : This is such a simple round & despite my resolution, I preferred directional tatting this time. So rings are normal stitches, RW, chains are RODS (reverse order DS).
I have deliberately left the last chain un-tatted. If required (& desired), I can tat a split chain to climb to next round... Postponing my decision for now.

Will I continue ? 
My Future Excuses
I don’t really need another round doily. I do need a rectangular one, though.
I don’t have the time to spare, especially as the rounds get bigger.
Tatting in single colour might get mighty boring after a while.
Renulek’s doilies are very excellent in construction & placement but not very challenging if one considers techniques.
I did so want to make the Mystery Doily later this year.

How far will I go ? Only time will tell. For now, after Round 3, it makes a nice coaster. And seeing it lying there, makes me want to continue ! I've left a window open for now :-)

Before I sign off, please step over to Anna's blog to read her post 7 Reasons Why I Hate Tatting and why she wants to bang her shuttles against the wall !

Happy Tatting-Along :-)

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  1. You are overthinking it and you have more chance of finishing this if you tat as she posts it and this is fun not knowing what comes next. I also think the doilies get better and find it challenging to find spare time(it found when waiting) you have lots on your plate but something tells me this make life exciting :)

    1. You are absolutely right, Carollyn. Tatting along is part of the charm & motivation to carry on with large projects. And with single colour, I don't have to worry about choices & placement :-D
      Yes, staying on the edge is exciting :-)

  2. It looks beautiful in one color! I haven't started yet... too many works in progress... but I have printed off the directions as they've appeared. I still have to pull out last year's doily and finish it!

    1. Thanks Diane, and it keeps my DH at peace with me not pestering him for colours combos/placements ;-P
      Your Monster Doily in ecru/white was part of the inspiration.

  3. A delightful post :) It's lovely till now, you can always add colors in next rounds.

    1. Thanks Ninetta, I am actually pretty happy with the evenness of my stitches (except in one place) - hope I can maintain that :-)

  4. Very pretty and neat tatting! I will definitely be following along from the sidelines to see if you decide to continue on with the full doily. I tend to get bored very quickly with these larger projects, and my mind wanders endlessly while tatting them. I completely understand your hesitance!

    1. With so many excellent tatters doing it alongside, I hope to continue & complete it. I think a tat-along really helps one keep at a project. Like the 24 snowflakes project - unlike my resolution last year, this year I have managed to keep it going on a regular basis.
      Maybe you could join along for as far as you wish to journey, Robin ?

  5. The start of your doily is exquisite!!! :)

    1. Thanks Sue :-) I hope you journey along too