Tuesday 21 March 2023

tagme roundup 3

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This has been a long overdue post - the final set of participants and their creations for the Tag Me Nov 2022 event in our Endrucks 1920 Project FB group. To refresh memory, Endrucks' #37 doily revealed a heart which was enlarged and then converted into an angel by Margaret Davies, and when the angle was flipped over we got a bell! 
Check out the first two roundups in this series where you will also find links to the bell/angel pattern and more -

21. Liliana Tosini worked her elegant angel in metallic threads.

22. Lea Di Palma created not just the bell and angel, but worked 3 models arranged in a semi-circle!

23. Kaylyn Beattie used a single colour to work her bell.

24. Katie Verna worked both a bell and angel in different colours, adding beads to both! Her angel seems ready to take flight.

25.  Inga Madsen ever the consummate designer, made tweaks to the skirt and also added a halo. I think this also looks like a Victorian Queen, don't you? 

26.  Debra Fitchen Cox, an enthusiastic participant, worked two models. Beautiful display with snowflakes in the second model.

27.  Cynthia Dooley has a pristine white model, and is undecided whether she likes is better as an angel or a bell. 

28.  Cindy Dunham tatted a nice two-colour angel reminiscent of clear blue skies with a smattering of white clouds.

29. Carol Lee Parry who we know as Lelia of Stitches of Life, joined us late with her beautiful model. She blogged about it here- https://lelia-stitchesoflife.blogspot.com/2023/01/endrucks-bell.html

30.  Antonia Lai also an active participant in our group, worked a beaded model with a bit of tweaking. 

31. Anita Schaeder of https://anniesgranny.com/ joined our group with this lovely two-toned bell.

32.  Anita Barry chose this woodsy colourway for her bell.

And this wraps up the round up for #tagmeEndrucks Nov2022! All images are uploaded to a dedicated album in our FB group for a quick scroll-through. Links in the right panel of this blog. We have 32 participants but more than 32 models and a few tweaked patterns including a doily!

Again, many thanks to Margaret Davies for sharing her beautiful pattern and spreading joy.

Many many thanks to all our participants for your active and enthusiastic contribution towards making this game a success and enlivening our group!

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  1. 🥰👍 thank you and all!!!

  2. These all look terrific!! :)

    1. They sure do, Sue, and most of them are fresh off the shuttles, including from relatively inexperienced tatters! 🧡

  3. I never thought there would be so many angels and bells from my efforts, I really enjoyed the heart and then making it into an angel which then became the bell, thank you for your kind words, it was my pleasure.

    1. What is amazing is how off-shoots keep cropping up from the original as well as the derived patterns, Margaret! Thanks again for the modified patterns - as you can see everyone had fun tatting them up. 🥰