Friday, 24 September 2021

whipping up memories

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Remembering Carollyn Brown 

Diane shared shocking and sad news today –

A virtual friend for real has moved to another realm taking her sweetness to share there.

I have lots of fond memories of Carollyn Brown in the short time we shared in cyberspace. And every time I whip stitch tail ends I think and thank her for finally removing the fear of hiding tail ends, and be neater too! She uploaded some videos as madtatter80  ( including her uniquely long Cluny leaves.

I first noticed her blog ( when I found cute little tatted 3D flowers/sprigs! A flower a month was her personal project at the time and I would wait each month for it. Using fine threads was her forte and we can all recall her adeptness at it and her gorgeous doilies!

She could tat over and around literally anything! Be it real leaves, stones, keys, and the usual glass, baubles, buttons, and beads. But her talents were not limited to tatting. Scroll through her blog to see the wide range of skills she possessed and/or learned and applied!

In 2016, 4 of us participated in the Pinterest Challenge and she never failed to amaze me with her choice and execution of the month-end project. It also gave us an excuse to correspond and get to know each other a bit more. Always smiling always sweet.

It is such an honour that she tatted a few of my patterns and etched them in my memory forever. I had to poach this image from her blog, where she is modelling earrings from my wreath pattern. Before that she had made and modelled a brooch from my poppy pattern which became quite popular at the time.

Another admirable highlight of her blog has been her skill at calligraphy and of displaying her work in a variety of settings and placements, bringing in knickknacks in an aesthetic backdrop.

So much to learn from her, so much inspiration to emulate, so much diversity to soak in! Thank you for gracing my world, Carollyn, and leaving your indelible imprint. Keep spreading your sunshine beyond 💝💝💝


  1. ❤🌹 I've been very sad since this morning. Her blog was inspiring and her tatting was perfect 🙏

    1. Yes, her blog is filled with tips, ideas, and inspiration 💝 I hope it continues to be accessible for generations to come

  2. It kept hitting me everytime I had to use "was" 😪

  3. We have lost not only a very dear friend but an inspirational tatter, I will never forget her, with her tatting around a leaf and her tatter keys, I would have loved to have meet her, she will be very sadly missed in the tatting world

  4. Carollyn's keys, love of fine threads, bunny shuttles, and beautiful leaves were just some of the ways she shared her love of tatting. She will be missed.

  5. There really are so many things she did, all beautifully, and will be remembered fondly for. Hopefully her blog will stay up to inspire us all through generations.

  6. She was a very fun tatter to follow. She will be missed.