Friday, 8 July 2016

bookmarked for a diet !

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This should’ve been posted in end May itself, but true to the character of a diet, it kept getting postponed ;-P
Meditating on a diet …. Nah, a tatted diet is sufficient. Especially if it is a four-course meal !

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A tat-along bookmark by Ninetta Caruso

I had fallen in love with it the moment I set eyes on it here in May 2015! And then she shared the pattern as a tat-along, in 4 stages. Yay !

First Course : Appetiser : 

 Dimensions : 1¼” x 1” & 1” x >¾” (in pic below)
Left out the beads
 Curled ring calyx made with doubled silk thread in shaded green. 
The 2 strands were fiddly to work with - kept getting ensnarled in the shuttle hook.

Second course : Salad : 
crispy fresh fogile & nuts in vinaigrette
Foglie (leaf)
Dimensions : 1½” x < ¾” in 2 strands of silk thread.
My detailed notes on the leaves are here. Made the leaves as mirror images. 
Couldn't see the front side well enough while photographing, though.

I was thrilled that there were no ends to hide after each piece ! 
But managing all those long silk threads drove me nuts !!!

Third course : Entrée : 
luscious stacked Fiori in creamy pesto 
 Loved the flower & Ninetta's cute 'n' easy way of making a dimpled ring. Dimension : >1"
When tatting flowers or other flora & fauna, I often Google for images in order to choose thread colours & shapes, etc. As soon as I saw this wild strawberry flower, I had to try Patty Dowden’s Josephine knots on a floating twisted picot !!! 
It was very fiddly to make so many stamens. In any case, the stamens should’ve been fewer.
Made only 2 flowers . Seemed proportionate to the overall size of the twig. This 2nd flower is 1¼” .

Final course : Dessert : 
sweet spiralli & vermicelli dipped in  saffron-flavoured syrup
Encapsulation (stems & tassel)
 Now came the final assembly of all components. It was a sweet ending :-)
This was a fun part except for occasionally forgetting which half stitch I was using ;-P
Main stem length is ~ 5"
I love this encircled ring(s) application on the tassel !!! The tassel is 2" long.
"Houseplant Care" by David Squire & Neil Sutherland is
one of my favorite gardening books, especially for propagation.
It is filled with great pics, info, stepwise pics, plant names, etc. etc. 
A hardback coffee-table book that has been handy in my gardening forays.
Final Dimensions : 9½” x  2¼” (tassel included)
I did not have to stiffen or block, although the flowers & berries do need to be re-positioned 
unless one glues or sews it to paper/fabric. I like to use it as it is J

Yummy !

Many thanks to Ninetta for this beautiful pattern 

the enjoyable 4-course diet that will never be depleted !

happy tatting :-)

First strawberry
First leaf & notes


  1. I too have wanted to order this and it is on my menu but not this course of my tatted meal :) you did a fantastic job and colors are nice too. Love this so glad you made it this time of year too. Here in the United States we go to farms for a fun family activity and pick them at times not only are they yummy they bring back great memories too. Hugs from Carollyn!

  2. This is on my to-do list too. Yours is scrumptious!

  3. This is on my to do list, Gorgeous bookmark and lovely pattern

  4. Wonderful! Makes my mouth water - to try this:-)

  5. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments :-)))
    I see a whole bunch of drooling tatters, hungry to add this to their diet ... Very healthy choice :-)
    Carollyn, what a lovely memory & berry-picking must be such fun !


  7. Awesome bookmark!!! :) You did a fabulous job on it!!!!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Sue :-) It was such fun getting it all together!