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Thorny Wreath pattern

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Wreath Ornament 
(Reworked, Revised, & Updated)

It’s that time of the year, & there has been some activity on this pattern for a few weeks now. I wasn’t too happy with colours & working when I first made it. So, it was time to rework the pattern, as well as create a proper pdf, with diagram, to download.

This time I used more Christmasy colours & added a sprinkling of beads.
Being fairly small at 4½ cms diameter, it can be used as a tree ornament, a decoration/adornment for gifts, sewn on to a headband, or be used as a pendant, a brooch, or earrings ; embellishments & colours can be customized.

(click to download pdf with diagram)
This is a 2-round tiny motif where the base 1st round, made of split rings, forms a large flower, and the 2nd round is freeform, interweaving a chain through the center of the flower medallion. The freeform weaving lends a 3D interlaced effect to the 2D flower wreath & makes each ornament unique.

Round 1 is made of 8 split rings, in 2 colours, size 20 thread, and uses padded double stitch, ending in a Lock Chain loop for hanging.
8 SRs are needed to get a central space large enough for normal shuttles to pass through when interlacing Rnd 2.
TIP : Padding the stitch (pds) can cause some twisting of thread. Suspend shuttle to remove twists.
VARIATIONS : Only 6 petals make a beautiful flower medallion with a flurry yellow in centre & red petals around. Add large cabochon, pearl or gemstone for jewellery piece.

Unlike the earlier attempt, this time I used size 40 thread for the freeform round. Beads were also added to represent berries. 
Load more beads in both shuttles than strictly required so that one has plenty to play around with.

Bring forth beads, tat folded rings leaves, & add the thorns using scrap thread. Instead of making long picots & snipping them, this time I used my spot addition of Corina's fringe.
            TIP : The thorns can be frayed for a different look.
The 2 versions together. 

I guess I could've made the vine less dense. ...
One can use just the freeform vine pattern for a bracelet in customized colours/embellishments. ! It is, after all, the freeform that makes each piece unique & exclusive. No two will be the same !

For complete pattern download : Thorny Wreath   
I'm sorry for the blank 4th page - tried my best but it just won't go :-((

Some Techniques used (click for link to tut) : 
Padded Double Stitch (pds)
Martha Ess' Folded Rings
Corina's Fringe  This can be used if one is not using beads . Instead of beads, preload the fringe thorns.
My spot adaptation of Corina's Fringe

Happy Tatting 

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  1. Wow muskaan, lots of techniques going on in this little wreath! I was going to ask you how to join the last split ring back to the first but then I saw you wrote about it in your instructions. I may have to use that in the future :)

  2. I love the natural look this gives very nice work, and as always great complete instructions. Thank You!

  3. This is so pretty! I love the way each wreath will be unique. I definitely plan to give this a try. Thank you, too, for reminding me of folded rings; I've done them before, but I always forget about them eventually. Thank you for sharing the method for making your wreath.

  4. Good combination of techniques to make a pretty wreath!

  5. Thank you Robin, Carollyn, Miranda & Jane :-)
    I enjoy using & applying new techniques to create patterns & freeform is my go-to. Will be looking forward to your working of it, Miranda :-)

  6. Very beautiful and bright. Thanks for this too! You've indicated the techniques also, that's really very useful and helpful for me as a beginner.
    Again me,

    1. Thanks, Silva, so glad you liked this .... It is so great to have tatters share their expertise & techniques online. Hope to see your tatting someday ?
      All the best & happy tatting :-)

  7. So wonderful and tiny flower! Really detailed work and nice colors. I love it.

    1. Thank you 😊 I'm a few years too late to acknowledge, sorry 😉

  8. Thanks so much, Muskaan! I'll try this for my next pair of Christmas earrings!

    1. Grace, I can't wait for Christmas to see your version 😊💖