Monday, 22 December 2014

Tatting Pattern : Jessica Snowflake

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Talk about timing ! Now that all the tatting has been done, ornaments put up, wishes sent, ……
But I’d much rather talk about inspiration ! Inspiration not from within, but from all you awesome tatters & designers, and all your fun projects that you keep sharing. I finally dropped my crochet hook yesterday & picked up my shuttles – I just Had to, despite my resolution to tat tree ornaments, etc. only in the next season. And despite the fact that I really am enjoying my crochet afghan.

Anyways, here’s my 1st snowflake & I’m calling it Jessica Snowflake – you guessed it – after Kersti’s Jessica Bookmark. I wanted to do something quick & something I’d done before – you understand my hurry, right ? Also my post on Encircling got me thinking along the lines of compressing the circle still further to make a 6-sided snowflake from an edging. Here goes …
Oh, and this is also my final motif for the 25 Motif Challenge for 2014 ! Will be joining again, of course :-)

Jessica Snowflake           
Pattern derived from Kersti Anear’s Jessica Bookmark (click for free pattern)

I used 2 shuttles, in order to climb out of the central ring using a mock picot & Split Ring, and hence accomplishing the snowflake in one round.
This is a fairly simple pattern & can be done with shuttle & ball too. If using only single shuttle, the central ring & adjoining split ring can be done as Single Shuttle Split Rings !
Or for absolute beginners, make the central ring separately, tie, cut. Start Round 2.

I used Red Heart Size 20 in white. However, the size 20 seemed more like size 30, & it is stiffer than Anchor Mercer – ideal for snowflakes !
Size : 3’ across.

Abbreviations & symbols used :
R – ring
Ch – chain
–  – picot
––  – long picot
–––  – longest picot
mp – mock picot
SR  – split ring
+  – join
  – where next repeat is joined to previous one.

Note : Reverse work after each ring & chain, if not following frontside/backside tatting.

Central R : 3––3––3––3––3 mp (long)
** Ch : 3–3
R : 5––5
Ch : 2–22–2–2–2
R : 5+5 (join to picot of previous ring)
Ch : 2–2––2–––2––2–2
R : 5+5
Ch : 2–22–22–2
R : 5+5
Ch : 3–3
R : 5+5 (join to picot of central ring)
Repeat from ** 5 times, joining as one goes, so that one has 6 ‘sides’. Join the last repeat to the 1st one before finishing off.
Tie & cut ends & hide.

Basic stitch-count has been inked in pic below; red denotes rings & blue denotes chains.

This snowflake can also be used as a hexagonal motif, joined together for larger projects.

My thanks to Kersti,  for sharing the pattern .

I 'designed' another snowflake yesterday, but need to do it in white today. Will share pattern as soon as possible.

Motif #25 for 25 Motif Challenge

Happy Tatting :-) 


  1. I've made that bookmark a lot. Love your snowflake version.

    1. Thanks Jane :-)
      It was after seeing your 2-coloured versions of the bookmark that I first tried out the pattern, leading from one thing to the other .....

  2. Lovely snowflake :). Thanks for sharing :).

    1. Most welcome, Jenn ... hope you try it some time :-)

  3. Very pretty, I love snowflakes and feel I need to make a couple a month just to have a good start for next year. I have run out and given them all away :(

    1. And you had made so many lovely snowflakes too !!! Well, I'm sure the recipients were a very happy lot :-))
      I guess I will have to tat some regularly too, if I want me Xmas tree full of tatting next season!

  4. I completely understand getting distracted away from larger projects to pursue design ideas. I'm so excited to see you making snowflakes now! Can't wait to see what you have next!

    1. All you wonderful people were creating such exquisite, exciting stuff, that I could hold back no longer & made some simpletons ... ;-)

      The next one is made - took more trials y'day, even after the final version because thread sizes played havoc ! Anyway, all done, only writing up the pattern is left ...

      I'm finding snowflake designing is pretty addictive !!! No, must take up my crochet hook again ....