Saturday, 20 December 2014

Handmade Cards I

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Happy Holidays !

Season's Greetings 
A Very Happy & Peaceful New Year 2015

saying it with an assortment of my handmade cards
(string art on paper, abstract collage, watercolours)


String Art / Embroidery on Paper



Collage Symbolism / Abstract

New Year Card :
The collage candles, my original artwork, has a symbolic message/wish conveyed through the size of candles, their relative placement, & their colours, as well as the intensity of the flames. If the past was black & the present bleak, the future will be very bright. The past is forgotten, the present is waning away, the future is looking brightly ahead. Or the past & present are/will become shining or treasured memories that will remain alive in us (as reflected by the flames). Shadows have not been added, because the black & grey candles (past & present) themselves act as a shadow to our life ahead.
I've used some sort of glossy paper for the candles & thin glossy magazine paper for flames [recycled]. In order to give it depth/3-dimension, the molten wax has not been glued down completely, & the candles themselves are glued over a thicker layer of paper. The telltale shadowy lines indicate the raised candles.

The string art on paper patterns have been taken from a book, the title of which I do not have. If somebody knows, I would appreciate you sharing the info so that due credit can be given ... These were made back in the late 80's, so the book predates that. It was a hardbound coffee-table kind of book with loads of lovely patterns, kindly lent by a friend.


  1. Beautiful cards. I especially like the string art cards. I have made many of them and get my patterns from and You can download and print patterns very inexpensively and all the instructions are included. Even some free patterns to try out. Sorry, I don't know the author of your book.

    1. Thanks, mb ! My sis & I went through a phase where we were each doing the same pattern but with our own choice of colours ;-) I will check out the sites you mentioned - I'm sure they will be inspiring. :-)

  2. I love the cards and the candles are my favorite! hey did you get my message about the doily? I found the pattern and where to get the download.

    1. I'm kind of proud of the candles one myself ;-P
      I realise now, that the cards I made were more like card-toppers. But I like the simplicity & directness of my designs.
      Thanks for letting me know about the message, Carollyn - I had to discontinue notification otherwise there was constant 'bombardment' of pinning notices all day ;-)