Sunday, 7 May 2017

pattern updates

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Good news  I have finally updated all the patterns and links on my pattern & design page
(phew ! But this does not guarantee that all patterns are in pdf, teehee !!!)
Bad news – I still have to work the archives to update my tutorials page 
(shudder !)
Worse news – this is an admin post - dry, brut, sec! 
(sorry Y , but if you enjoy your wine that way, Cheers åå 

Pattern page overview

All patterns are first linked to the respective blog post in blue, even if a pdf (link in pink) is available. There is always so much more in a post than a pdf and I encourage users to check the post first.

It is over 2 years now that I have been associated with the inspiring, talented and helpful Online Tatting Class group (or “gang”, as Mel puts it) of creative tatters. I continue to learn a lot, and real time interaction is very exhilarating. Many of my patterns, projects, and tutorials have been shared with the class. If a pattern has been shared or published elsewhere, there is a link to the class index /publication in red letters. One can access logs for the class through the index.

I have shifted the Designing section from my tutorials to my patterns page. This includes design ideas, deconstructions, and some of diverse paths I have used in my design process. One never knows when a budding designer might find some path or design useful.

Pattern update
Many weeks this year were dedicated to the spring garland - mainly the presentation; actual tatting was quick and fun. And I recently wound it around my little bun which I wrap on a bit above the nape, and the tatted veni & hair looked gorgeous! 
I had hoped to add tassels at the ends, but didn't get around to it. 
I tried tatting 3D jasmine buds - the buds look fine, but the green needs working.

All pdfs for the Spring Garland pattern are now complete and uploaded to My Patterns page with the respective links. Each post is also updated. As I stated, I request tatters to visit the respective post for more tips, pictures, and explanation.
Here are the final pattern pdf links :
mustard fields pictorial in post (and as part of complete garland pdf)

Each part and complete pattern was shared with Online Tatting Class throughout April and lots of fun and wonderful ideas emerged (some quite ambitious as per moi ;-P ) - enough to keep one busy for a lifetime !

Judy kindly shared tips about working some parts of the pattern in needle tatting. I hope to get around to it some day. Many many thanks, Judy :-)

I also keep forgetting to mention that at the end of each post there is now an option (actually 3 options ‘coz I haven’t bothered to find out how to delete the extras ;-P) to print or save the entire post as a pdf. Click on that Print / PDF button to save the post as desired. 

Hope you enjoy your weekend with lots of lace being created :-)
Always have a muskaan on your face :-D


  1. Wow, thanks, that's very organised! We all benefit from your connection with the on line tatting group!

    1. Oh, I so glad to hear that, Jane :-) If only I could keep pace with myself now ;-P Thank you

  2. It has been always a great learning from your blog posts Muskaan. Thank you so much with updated patterns making tatting so easier for everyone!!!! I must appreciate your presentation and organising skills.

    1. Appreciate your kind words, Usha :-) Hope you continue to make the most of it.

  3. Very beautiful post, love the final braid PFD with the inside picots it's a great twist on an old design! Every thing is lovely and great to update, someday I will do this :)

    1. Thanks, Carollyn :-) I like that jasmine braid, too, and hope you do get time to try it.

  4. Thank you very much!
    I will definitely use :)

    1. I hope your entire group has a fun time with some of the patterns, Renata :-)