Thursday, 3 November 2016

who is she ?

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Couple of days back, Carollyn shared her Gamayun bird lady here, and mistook my avatar image as one, since only thumb nail images can be seen. This post shares larger images of some of my old artwork. It was my ink phase in card-making – mid-80s to early 90s. This is all original work. Hope you like it.

Silhouette In Ink
Love to doodle when idle, when waiting?
No art materials at hand ?
What about only a pen and a paper ?!
I like to doodle. I like to recycle.
Combining both interests, I made these simple cards from materials that you can find in any office, or have in your own purse. A pen & a paper !!! Let imagination do the rest.

Materials I used (everything can be changed as per what is available) :
Manila Folder (or stock paper), cut to desired size.
Ball point pen(s) - (yes, I'm old generation ;-p)
Pencil, if required, for initial sketch.

These are cards made from manila folders with a semi-soft beautiful texture when seen for real. A kind of handmade paper appeal.
I have used Ball-point pens - red & black - to color the designs, taking care to keep the strokes in the same direction.
There is an actual richness & depth of colour that may not come through, especially after so many decades !

I had this idea of creating my own brand of handmade cards and my logo read “Reaching Out” from this black silhouette. 
Many of friends and family received diverse handmade cards for several years and some well-meaning, overenthusiastic friends even bought some !
It all started with this tiny card / card topper (barely 1.5 x 2 inches):
Fluttering Dreams
"Fluttering Dreams" was initially titled "Reaching Out" ; this card is a visual representation of the logo that I use on all my cards & was on my online profile till very recently.

Shimmering Night
This is another quick card I made on an idle night. It measures less than 2x3 inches.
You know the strips that get left out when we cut stock paper or any large paper into cards? These little cards/card toppers/tags were made from those leftover strips, folded.

Notice how the strokes seem to form an enlarging circle from the center ?

TIP : Trick to good ball point pen coloring is to keep your strokes in the same direction, and maintain even & steady pressure while coloring. However, if shading is desired, then alter pressure to get lighter or darker zones. 

Expectant Love
This one in red, measures <3"x5"
In 2011 I had shared 4 of these card toppers on a site. That’s when I went on a christening spree. Collectively, I would title them "Reaching Out" - each image seems to show some kind of reaching out.
You may notice the minimalism and some symbolism. I enjoy adding some meaning to artwork.

Lightly sketch with pencil (or directly with pen) and outline with pen. 
I prefer to erase the pencil marks before continuing further
Leaning Daisies
Decide on the curvature you want for the background.
Make concentric arcs/strokes at regular distance in the chosen direction.
Choose small areas or blocks (between 2 arcs) to fill in at a time. This helps ensure evenness & control direction. It is important to keep direction constant.
Maintain even and steady pressure while filling in.
Gradually cover in the entire background.
Add any necessary details within the image.
Your silhouette ink profile is ready !

This last close-up is the one I am now using as my profile (3"x4.5") :
Shy Blossoms (or Hidden Blossoms?)
She could be a bride. (too old now!)
She could be a shy person. (nyaaah! Are you kidding me?!)
She could be someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
She could be one who enjoys working behind the ‘screen’, spreading joy – someone who loves Nature and enjoys sharing.
You tell me who you think she is ?! :-D 

Continuing on the topic of ink, here's one last card.
This is not a silhouette and neither does it use ball pens. 
I've used stippling with a fountain pen, using red & black inks.
Swaying Acorns
And a close-up … It measures less than 3”x4” ...
When I made this, I didn't even know the term was 'stippling'.

What I like about this ink art technique is that one can make it Any time & Any where - all it requires is a paper & pen !
I’ve even double-folded A4 sheets and sketched on top. Those were quite well-received at the place I worked. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those designs – mostly freehand flowers, twigs, etc.

Have a great day :-)


  1. Oh wow, way beyond me! Beautiful work. I can only stand back and admire it.

  2. Very beautiful! I enjoy reading your posts.

  3. Beautiful works.I admire your talent :)

  4. You are very talented and love to see the entire picture in full😄 they are all fantastic and we all know you just a little bit more, thanks for the post💟🌸💟

  5. Oh such talent, you are just full of surprises. All lovely drawings.

  6. I appreciate your lovely comments Jane, Stephanie, Anetta, Carollyn, & Bernice. Thank you so very much :-)

  7. Gorgeous cards, I love the shimming night, and the flower. In parchment craft they do stippling on parchment paper and it's not easy to do, your designs are so unique and unusual

    1. Thank you so much Margaret :-) Means a lot coming from a card designer like yourself!

  8. Wow. you're a complete artist. Lovely cards and doodles :)

    1. shukriya, Jyotika :-)) All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed making them all :-)

  9. I knew you were an artiste , did not know your art was so popular.. intricate sketches .. are you making a tutorial on this too?
    Very well done.

    1. LOL, Usha, sometimes friends simply indulge your interests ;-P
      I've already given the steps I follow, and tips - don't think a separate tut is required. Thanks for stopping by :-)