Friday, 16 September 2016

where Am I ?!

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I'm kind of mired, pleasantly so, in a lot of WIPs! The web of WIPs has me snared in such a maze, that I wonder where I am at !

Let's see if listing what I remember will create some sort of organisation in thought & prioritisation in action..... may be you can pick what you want to see first ?

Common Threads series
  • Common threads III - all pics taken long back.  Needs to be textualized & pics notated.
  • Common threads IV - wanted to take different route, by tatting a collage using all similar techniques in that composition.  Tatted this tiny grape bunch below, but pics revealed bare thread :-( Need to restart.

2016 Snowflake Challenge
  • Day 7 needs to be written, pics notated, and posted.
  • Day 18 in progress.
  • 14 completed, 1 WIP, 9 to tat with 3 months remaining.

  • One free-styling bookmark completed long back, which I hate for many reasons.
  • One bookmark almost at end, tatted mainly to use up various practice pieces. Want to snip off the last segment & tat with finer thread.
  • One bookmark on filet tatting needs to be restarted, using size 40 thread this time.
  • One bookmark in ideation stage – for a book I recently read (design based on the book).
  • Latest bookmark started - love how it will probably turn out. An extension of a dear friend's motif. Have made drawing, then cutouts to ensure correct placement & attachment. This is how far I've reached ....

Books I've read
  • Want to share some enjoyable books I've read this year - many are direct or indirect recommendations of dear online friends. Lots in my thoughts, but how do I find the time to write a post ?!
  • Also need to take pics of last read novel & the short stories I am currently reading.

More tatting & posting
  • Floral Fantasy Doily – shelved for the present … need to work out the last round to include my placement of colours.
  • Snow Doily – final rounds to write about & choose pics (there are so many !) to post.
  • Nina Libin’s gorgeous earrings. I intend to tat them again to do a better job, hence held off on posting
  • Experiments with filled-in rings, picots, etc. etc. Can’t even remember all of them :-(
  • Many more snowflakes tatted last season, including a by Teri, Wanda, Amanda, but not happy with some of them.
  • Joins in Shuttle Tatting Series – collected all info & material but need to tat samplers for the Part III & organize the text.
  • Many blog post ideas yet to see the light of day.

My tatting patterns
  • Want to share a beaded bracelet pattern. Models & pdf ready. Need to work on blog post. It was part of the goodie bag at Palmetto Tat Days (thanks for this opportunity, Georgia)
  • A new snowflake pattern – designed on Inkscape. Tatted round 1 & hope to tat second round tonight. Happy with it so far.
  • An edging (designed in mid-2014!) that can perhaps be converted into a rectangular doily. Did a very small initial trial, but haven't worked on it further.

Inkscape & 2D tatting designing
On a more positive note (a major culprit of my recent distractions) ...

I've gotten pretty good and quick with Inkscape diagramming over the past few weeks! I've discovered & devised many shortcuts for myself! A real silver lining, coz this has helped me break my glass ceiling for regular 2D tatting ! These are still simple patterns but hope to gradually progress to larger &/or more complex designs.

Here’s how it went …
My next post was to be a diagrammatic compilation of the direction that tatting takes in different situations (a tongue-twister that !). As it developed, I decided to include ‘play-sheet’ which comprised of commonly encountered motifs in doilies, etc.

As I got more proficient with drawing, many new patterns emerged including a heart, edging, medallions, and the WIP snowflake. Just in time, too, for snowflake season !

I am now confident of converting many of my tutorials/patterns into diagrams over the next year !!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Above are my more 'recent' WIPs – ones I can remember right away. (I’m sure to find a great many more if I scroll through my albums & files). Others include posts about my
  • Memory Afghan (crochet) &
  • Legwarmers for my MIL (knitting) & tons of older stuff.
  • And not to mention the monthly Pinterest Challenge – still haven’t gotten around to doing anything this month !
* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I realise how dreary & unexciting this laundry-list sounds. But we've all been there, and know that you will empathise. Lots to write but not much to write home about :-(
Hopefully this list will give me the motivation to strike them off the list. Notice that I haven’t included any of the want-to-tat inspirations that you talented bloggers keep posting ;-) So the quicker I shorten the above list, faster I can start new projects, yay! 

happy tatting always :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Most links to projects & series can be accessed from
My Tutorials  and
Or by clicking on the Labels listed on right panel
See, I'm trying to save time here ;-p


  1. Goodness, I'm not surprised you don't know where to start!! I thought your grapes were wistaria flowers. Oops, I may be giving you yet more ideas.

  2. Wow, I'm tired just reading this! You are a person of many talents! I love the grapes/wisteria.

  3. I feel the first photo is the one that I would start with 3D is so much fun with tatting and looks like great potential there!

  4. Wonderful list, I hope I'll have time to read everything you post!!!

  5. You've worn me out! I'm pretty sure I could find as many WIPs if I tried. However, I'm not sure I can identify them because of their age! ;-)

  6. Perhaps your blog should read Where I Am. You are much farther ahead than most of us by the fact you have a list. I'm afraid to make a list, at one time I just kept buying more shuttles but now I do try to finish a project here and there.

  7. Sometimes people think I am too busy, or that I have too many things going at the same time. Sounds to me like you hold that title! :)
    Can't wait to see any and all that you are going to post about!!
    Love the pretty start on the bookmark, and what seems to be pretty grape clusters at the top!!! :)

  8. Wisteria it is, then, Jane ! I’ll just rename it and keep the ideas at bay ;-p
    Groan, just what I felt & thought, Michelle :-D (umm, your first sentence)
    I’m itching to continue with that collage, Carollyn, but just can’t find the mental & temporal space :-( But I Have designed & actually tatted a few medallions which I will share soon.
    Hahahaha, Ninetta, you are cute :-D
    Now that’s a thought, Diane – do WIPs mature with age ? Are they like wine or like boys/men ;-P
    Bernice, this was a spur-of-the-moment list & post – all done in the span of an hour. And once posted, I could recall more WIPs if I went back another few years :-( I did sit down & free all my bobbins, though, & collected all my shuttles together.
    Can’t decide whether I should take that title as a complement or not, Sue ;-p But thanks a heap – feels good to know there are many kindred souls out there :-)

    I must apologize for the delay in responding, and for not leaving comments on your blogs/posts. I’m on a self-styled sabbatical & can’t afford distractions. But I do keep abreast as often as I can, grabbing a moment here a moment there. Keep up the good work ladies :-)))))