Sunday, 22 November 2015

Brought by a Robin

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When I shut the door on distractions,  they drop in through the window ! And such a pretty distraction at that !

For the last few days, I had been working diligently, in isolation and with single-minded focus, on a post. Barely browsed the net or replied to emails, but did get some sewing done.
Anyways, I finished writing the post last night & only work on the pics remained. Slept peacefully.
Imagine my Immense surprise & pleasure when I woke up to a test tatting opportunity from sweet & talented Robin ! So, without skipping a beat, and happy with the perfect timing, here's the result of the tat ....

Winter Frost Snowflake

Designer : Robin Perfetti

The pattern is very elegantly presented, clear to follow, & perfectly diagrammed (so what's new, you ask ?! That is Robin's signature style, right ) :-)

Anchor size 40 . White.

I tatted this 2 round pattern in One Pass,  using a Split Chain & a Split Ring to climb out of Round 1, and a 2nd Split Ring to start Round 2.
The split chain is not very neat.....still need practice. ..

Done in FS/BS tatting.

I wondered how it would look with more pronounced points, especially on the inner chain curves. So, added a Twisted Picot. {keeping stitch count the same, the picot was added Within a ds - ie., between 2 half stitches].

And to complement the picot on the inner arch, I added a Twisted Picot on the end rings as well.

I did not use a picot gauge - eyeballing throughout.

Finished piece measures 4.5" point to point with twisted picot ; and only 3.5" if I don't include the picots.

I haven’t blocked the snowflake yet. It lays nice and flat. It will require some stiffening if it is to be suspended,  though.

The pattern will be in Robin's etsy shop very soon. Check out her perfectly tatted snowflake & write-up here

I will be tatting this again, in 2 colours, as part of a set of snowflakes I have going on this season ... all will be revealed soon ;-)

                                       Thank you , Robin :-)

Motif #12 /III for 25 Motif Challenge

happy tatting :-)


  1. Wow- you are very quick! I'm test-tatting this and am still at only the ssecond repeat of the second row! Yours look qui different with that pointy picot. : )

    1. Sometimes the East gets a headstart in the time zone .... just glad our sun didn't melt the flake ;-P
      Looking forward to your version , Fox.

  2. Very pretty! I like the graduated picots and the graduated rings on the points. I love the twisted picots, too; they really emphasize the crystal form. Do you put on a bit of glue or anything to maintain the twist?

    1. Thanks, Miranda. One can't go wrong with a Perfect Perfetti Pattern :-)

      The twisted picots remain twisted and keep their shape, without untwisting. No glue. Just make sure to twist along the twist of the thread, not against it (which will unravel the thread.
      I'll make a quick pictorial to show how I do it , if you like.

  3. Looks like I need to buy something at etsy this is very beautiful and different. You tatted it well and she is talented and makes sure it always is perfect! I like the picots pointy. Is that a twisted picot?

    1. Yes, it's a twisted picot , Carollyn-- my minor 'tweak' to Robin's original. And, true, her etsy shop will have a long queue ;-)

  4. Love your long twisted picot. I used a split chain and rings too!.

    1. Thanks, Bernice :-) I enjoy making twisted picots & have used them in many of my freeform 3D patterns. But these are particularly appropriate to a snowflake, I think.
      I like the way you climb out of rounds so often ! I tend to forget the split chain -- need to use it more often.

  5. Beautiful snowflake, like your long twisted picots, It's a beautiful pattern, watching her shop so I can buy the pattern

    1. Thanks, Margaret :-) I like the ease & elegance of Robin's patterns !

  6. This is so beautiful and you are so talented. The pattern sound like a foreign language to me but I would so love to learn to tat. Watch this space lol
    I am in awe of you amazing tatters!

    1. Oh, Suzanne, you are too kind. I enjoy other crafts as well, but tatting is my passion :-) Hope to see you take it some day