Monday, 19 October 2015

Tutorial : Findings Atop Diamond

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“Finding” The Tip !

The curled ring earrings (below) posed a dilemma when it came to adding a finding, the way I visualized it. How do I add the earring hook to the Tip of a diamond arrangement of beads on a Ring ? Now this may seem like a simple question, but my limitations with beads in tatting, and the limitations of bead/thread sizes, brought forth beads of perspiration ! Searching the net didn’t yield any results either :-(
At the time I went ahead by inserting the finding through the space between the 4 beads, as you can see in pic above. But the puzzle kept gnawing at me & I sought answers in the Online Tatting Class, etc. Everyone was very helpful, with lots of suggestions & tips. My sincerest thanks to the OTC team (Cyn, Mel, Barb, Tammie), to Georgia who sent me an email presumably after reading the conversation, & to Jane Eborall for her prompt replies to my emails. Your collective interest & promptness in trying to resolve the issue was very heartwarming & inspiring.

But the person who Finally “solved” this was our other Jane from exciting safari land,while multitasking ! I received a reply, with tatted sample pic, within a few hours !
Hence, the following pictorial is Jane McLellan’s Method of adding findings to the tip of a diamond arrangement of beads, on a ring.
If you enjoy puzzles & challenges, read no further. Why not give it a try before reading ahead ? :-D

But first a couple of pics to show how we normally make 
a diamond arrangement in beads :

Normally, when we want a diamond arrangement of beads on a ring, we hold 3 beads in the loop around hand, & slide 1 bead from the shuttle thread. 
Note : All 4 beads were pre-loaded on to the shuttle.
When the next double stitch is made & snugged, the beads position themselves in a diamond shape.

In order to add a finding in this arrangement, a jump ring or split ring will have to be inserted through the topmost bead. BUT : The bead hole has to be large enough for the wire to pass through easily, & without fraying the thread. Moreover, the jump ring will be held stiffly in place & may cause the hook (or earring) to curve unnaturally in another plane. 
This is where Jane's method comes in handy ....

How to Add Findings to the 
Tip of Diamond Arrangement of 
Beads On a Ring
Jane McLellan’s Method

1. Load only 2 beads around hand & bring forth 1 bead from shuttle thread. 
2. Load 4th bead on a hook & pull a loop of thread from BETWEEN the pair of beads. 
3. Pull this loop out further & pass the 4th bead on to it (like LBP of leave bead on long picot) 
4. Insert a jump ring or split ring through the ‘picot’ loop. 
One can insert an earring hook directly on to the loop, too. 
 5. The earring hook can be inserted into the jump ring now, or earlier.

 6. Snug the beads & loop into position by pulling on the core thread. 
Then make a double stitch & continue with pattern.
 7. Complete the ring & close.

Variations to this are possible. For instance,

  • With proper tools, the earring hook or any other finding can be added directly to the loop.
  • Add more than one bead to the tip, if one wants longer dangles.
  • Leave the thread loop long, like Jane has done here & here

My Heartiest Thanks to Jane for helping me out :-D

This tutorial was pending for such a long time ! Tonight, though, Georgia will be teaching the earring pattern in the OTC, & hence the impetus to post this post-haste ! 

Motif #5/III for 25 Motif Challenge

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  1. Glad to help! Very clear tutorial, well done.

    1. Thanks, Jane :-)
      I hope it was a pleasant surprise ;-P

  2. Instead of putting the finding onto just the thread like you have you could loop the thread like figure c on this page May make for a slightly stronger join with less chance of the single thread wearing away? Just a thought. Thanks to you and Jane for the idea.

    1. Thanks Jane ! Yes, that would definitely work. It would be stronger, and also avoid having to 'open' the jump ring to psst the thread through it !
      I read all your beads tuts, but have still not mastered them . Now I understand & will use this technique too.
      Thanks again :-)

  3. The two Janes have made this task very easy. Excellent design. Many thanks.

    1. Yes, you have put it so well, Bernice ! What would we do without our Janes ?! :-)
      Thanks :-)

  4. I think you're going to have to publish a book with all of your wonderful information! If I ever get around to making earrings, I will be looking up your instructions!

    1. A book is too much work & commitment ;-P But I'm thinking or adding another page to the blog where I can list all my tuts/experiments in one place ?
      Thanks, Diane :-)

  5. I really like this tip, I am not that good at all with beads and wondered how this was done! This is very nice and I will refer to this one for sure!
    I like the idea of another page to the blog like you told Diane. I think you are wonderful for all the time you have spent to tatting and tips and free if you check out that blogger book thing they print right from your blog I made one for myself of my own blog a while back and you can pick which posts you like best and have that printed it was a very nice quality book and you could sell them but the down side is that I thought it was a bit too much money that I don't think it could resell to where you could make much money after there charge. I did this a while ago and I wish I could remember what it cost. Sorry I am just going on and on Have a great day Keep tatting hugs from Carollyn :)

    1. Hi Carollyn :-)
      I find beads fiddly to work with too, especially trying to load them without good eyesight !
      But I do like the diamond arrangement very much.

      I remember that lovely book you had made !!! When I went to the site & read through, I realized that it might not work for me, considering the humongous number of pics I have in each post ! I do intend to gradually take printouts of at least my own pattern pdfs ;-P

      I will work on the Tutorial page listing, and if anyone wants, they can download & convert to pdf. Someday I might be able to make diagrams for the tuts too ? All for free, though :-)

      Thanks for your lovely comment :-)

  6. I'm not a fan of curl rings, but on your pattern is really pretty. Bravo, and very clear tutorial.

    1. Oh, Lilas, I appreciate your honesty & compliment very much !
      Thank you so much :-)

  7. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad you liked it, Frivole :-)
      Now looking forward to seeing this in your elegant creations :-)

  8. Hi Muskaan,

    I'd love to get a copy of your Amanda's snowflake. I don't use Craftree much and keep circling around. Can you give me a link or help please? Thank you!

    1. Wow, it took me 2 years to see this comment, Michelle ! So sorry, but I think you've probably tatted her snowflakes since - if I remember correctly?

  9. It's a wonderful tutorial of a great idea from Jane Mac! I've just gone over to her blog to congratulate her, too. :-)

    1. Yes, Grace, Jane is a very practical problem-solver and innovative, too!
      Going over the post again, I realise that this too can be done by the Floating Beads method ! Must give it a go :-)