Saturday, 11 April 2015

at crossroads

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Renulek’s Wiosna Doily 2015
(Progress stalled !!!)

After spending a long time discussing, debating, stalling as I described in the previous post, when I finally decided to continue with the final rounds, I simply chose one almost ‘at random’. Now this is Not the right way to decide; but I do it sometimes …. it’s like I forget to give it a once-over … yup, fools rush in !!! Well, when this is the path you follow, you may have plenty to regret.

Okay, so I chose to not do Round 10, & replace it with Round 11 because maroon seemed to be a good enough dark shade to have near the cream. But the compromise I made to my DH was to make it All-maroon (instead of maroon rings & black chains). My intent was to then add a final Outlining round of black chains & picots.

The Dilemma was that after every 2 repeats I kept feeling that this decision was wrong & many other options kept surfacing. I staunchly pushed them back. Till I couldn’t any more. Hence I seek your collective wisdom, your guidance yet again.

Here’s where it is at :
The maroon round is exactly halfway over with 18 repeats. I don’t mind snipping it all off. Better to waste some time & thread now than to regret at leisure .
I think it is too overbearing ;
it masks the beautiful Round 9 ;
an additional black outline will make it all too dark & shift focus from the lighter rounds.

So I started with the black & beige Round 10 following Renulek’s original pattern, and as chosen by many of you.
My final round will then be 2-coloured - maroon rings & black chains again true to the original pattern. 

Here is the crossroads I am at ….
Should I snip off the maroon & continue with the black & beige ?
Or should I simply continue with the maroon & later add a black chain outline ?

I do like the original pattern & black & beige round.
But there are times when the all-maroon doesn’t look all that bad either [I guess I Am over-thinking] and I Have invested a lot of time (one entire week!) & effort (4 days) into it - imagine cutting off this half-complete broad round !

So, dear tatters , you have been so very helpful & prompt with your suggestions & opinions earlier. 
I seek another intervention – this time ‘timely’, coz the tatting is on hold till I get responses …. 

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  1. No, no, don't snip. I like the way this round echoes the earlier round. And the final round will bring it all together.

  2. Hate to say it, but I'd snip. I still like the black and beige round before the final maroon. Is there any way to save some of what you snip?

  3. I'm with Cindy! I do like the shapes in the original pattern, no matter the colours. Overthinking sometimes muddies the waters, in my opinion! : )

  4. I also like the black and beige row. Sorry but I would snip the maroon row, then try the maroon and black as the final row.

  5. How about starting the maroon final round on top of the black & beige? Don't snip off the maroon round yet. Then you can make a comparison.

  6. When in doubt, I let it rest a day or two or more, and then look at the piece from at least 10 feet away. Sometimes that helps. My own Wiosna is languishing while I decide on the colors for the next rounds too.

  7. I would snip off the maroon and continue with the black and beige. Row 11 looks too thick and heavy when put on top of row 9. Row 10 gives a bit of space between the two denser rows and makes them look 'just right.'

  8. I think both look great, but I must say(even though black is not my choice in colors) the black sure does make that cream stand out beautifully.
    I am sure what every you do it will be gorgeous!!! :)

  9. Sorry, I think you need to cut off the burgundy and finish the cream/black round and do black and burgundy final round.

  10. Can't say how grateful I am to all you wonderful ladies !

    Fox, I agree. I didn't want to redesign this beautiful pattern, but the colours seemed to force me to it. But now I know that I have all you helpful tatters to turn to :-)

    Grace, I do like your practical approach to start a final round for clearer comparison - that's what I will do today. It will only help / confirm. :-D

    Martha, I do agree with what you've said. I have actually switched to sewing for the last couple of days to distance myself. And also, when I was ironing the piece before photographing, I could see it at a physical distance & it did not seem that bad; although while tatting, the closeness I think made me hate it. So both your points are very well 'seasoned', Thanks :-)

    Stephanie, you put it 'just right' ! Thanks :-)

    So far, it's 6 to 2 to snip off the maroon. And I'm leaning towards it, but will try out a single or couple repeats. Fortunately, this time I have loads of thread ;-D

    ((( Hugs to all )))

  11. Don't know if you have snipped yet, but I would. I think the black gives it a nice contrast. I don't do a lot of multi colored thread tatting but have had to cut out when a mistake is just too glaring. And just the other day snipped a picot that was joined wrong but it will only be about half an element that needs to be fixed.

    1. Thanks, Bernice :-)
      No, I haven't snipped yet, though it Is a half Round completed that will need snipping ;-P. On the backburner for now. I tend to agree with you, but another idea is floating in my head. Time will tell ...
      (I am deleting the duplicate comment)

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  13. blushing :-D
    Thanks for stopping by, Emilie :-)