Monday, 17 March 2014

Vintage Embroidery Patterns I

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Abstract Floral Motifs 

Over the decades, I've collected a number of embroidery patterns from various sources & people. Some of these probably date back to the 19th century or very early 20th century ! I have a magazine page cutting dating back to 1934!  Hence, I trust there will be no copyright issues. I will provide the Exact source wherever possible, and will willingly include sources, if anyone can direct me to them.

At the turn of the millennium, I painstakingly carbon-copied each pattern on to notebooks/pads with grids. Then I went over the carbon lines with gel pen. I used a grid background in order to be able to enlarge a pattern easily. However, now technology has made it so much easier & quicker :-)

Here's sharing my first pattern sheet, along with my own embroidery samples ....

Circle o' Blooms

Pattern A from Plate #4 (scroll down to end of page)
Thread used : Silk thread 
Number of strands used : Single / one strand.
Hand embroidery stitches used
Buttonhole stitch for flowers ; 
a tiny Daisy stitch in black for center.
I added a few single satin stitches in between some buttonhole stitches wherever there was a larger gap.

This pattern is hand-embroidered on a handkerchief corner.
I machine-hemmed the hanky with decorative zig-zag in orange.

TIP : Making the blanket stitch lines of 'uneven' length, creates a nice, more 'naturalized' effect, besides filling up the area.


Pattern E from Plate #4 (pattern below)
Thread used : Anchor Embroidery thread
Number of strands used : Single / one strand.
Hand embroidery stitches used :
Romanian embroidery stitch for petals ;
Satin stitch filling for center ;
Stem stitch for stems & vines ;
Fishbone stitch for leaves .

This is also a handkerchief corner, with zigzag machine hemming in purple.

Pattern Chart # 4

Abstract Floral Motifs 

These 6 vintage motif patterns are ideal for decorating corners for handkerchiefs, napkins, pillow cases, towels, etc.
One can also use them in bunches or spread in repetition to cover a large fabric.
Another use is in decorating quilt blocks.

I've embroidered patterns C, D, & F each, on corners of a table napkin set. No longer with me...

Vintage Floral Motifs

Have a nice day :-)
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