Monday, 21 June 2021

all tagged and bound

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 I was a good homemaker/tatter this weekend! Continuing with my taming the silk spools idea, I tackled my size 20 stash!

See, all neatly bound and tagged!
There is one drawback to this system. I generally wind leftover thread back on the ball. And sometimes I use these lengths for experimentation, practice, or learning. The paper sleeve keeps them tucked away and hidden now.
The advantage, though, is that the tag is so easy to cut and tape back, especially now that it is all organised.

And this time I wrote down the shade number. I will no longer have to peer inside with a booklight to read the tag inside.
Ruth Perry shared her method - she slits the empty plastic tube from a used ball of thread and inserts a new ball into it - it acts like a broad clasp or bracelet! 
Unlike Lizbeth, these threads are wound over cardboard tubes which I sometimes use for leftover thread. While it will work, I didn't have the numbers required, plus being thicker, they'd take up way more space than the paper sleeves I used.
Since the majority of the balls are of Anchor, I didn't need to write that down, except on the few Red Heart balls.

Here they are, back in their box. I used to stack each ball separately, till the numbers surged and the entire pile would get disturbed when trying to reach a colour at the bottom! So I bagged shades of same colour together, in those potato mesh bags. Now I merely pull out the entire bag of, say, blue/purple, and choose the ball I need. 
This is the largest container that hubby had bought extra knowing my penchant for stocking ;-P A bit of size comparison with the Pony shuttle on top.
I completed this mundane task while watching a movie each on Saturday & Sunday ;-D This really needed to be done since the mercerized cotton tends to unravel unlike perle cottons, and I feel happily satisfied.


  1. Well done! A good tidy up, you look super organized.

  2. You were hardworking. That would be useful for me too 😏💛💙

  3. Wow, you have been busy playing with all that thread. Pat your self on the back for a job well done.

  4. Great organization idea!! :)

  5. You are good! Good at organizing, repurposing, and creative solutions!!

  6. Ah, dear friends, thank you so much for all your lovely words and wishes.😍💕 I do feel good about this tagging and bagging! Now I only need to tackle the size 40s, metallics, and Lizbeths 😁