Friday, 12 June 2015

Tatting Away XV : "Gerbera Lace"

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"Gerbera Lace"

This is a name I gave the broad lace when I used the variegated red thread & the central flower looked like a beautiful Gerbera !

It is the 2nd time I tatted this lace. The first time was way back in early 1990s ! It was in all-white size 20 & looked pristine ! Gifted to my sis, my Mom quickly sewed a white skirt with this lace hemmed around. It looked gorgeous, even though I say so myself ;-P Very feminine, very exquisite ! Unfortunately, no pic ;-((

This time, I wanted to play with colours, except that it went quite wrong. I should’ve used lighter shades around the main flower, to bring out the pattern & highlight the various rows. Excuse to tat it a 3rd time ;-P

The pattern was published in a magazine “Chic” Vol 7 #11. Pattern # 7(11)01307 – W567

The current version was tatted in 2013 (except for one repeat each, earlier this year); this time for sleeves . If I was doing it now, I would try to use more modern techniques so that tatting little pieces could be avoided . Less of cut & tie & hide ends ;-))
I did incorporate a few techniques, but nothing major … have posted about them in earlier tips. Many that I used in Renulek’s Wiosna here, found their way in the additional repeats.

But I like the pattern Very much & any excuse will do to tat it again, with a better colour scheme or in white. And maybe in size 40 this time !

Threads Used : 
Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton Size 20.
-- Red w/ Black (variegated) : 4054-1206
-- Maroon : 4054-022
Red Heart Size 20.
-- Black

Measurements :
Flower Medallion/Tile : 2¾” wide
With maroon edgings : 3½” wide
With black edgings : 4” wide
9 repeats of pattern : 18” long.

Some rows seem to pucker slightly while tatting. A quick iron after completion, evens that out & lays it flat.
The black Red Heart thread was a Pain ! It was too stiff (almost cutting into my fingers), & varied in thickness from the maroons. Even the little black flowers were horrible to tat .

That's it for the present, although lots to share once the weather settles down a bit ....

happy tatting :-)))

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  1. This is very beautiful and I know what you mean about the color I made that large violet flower in the old style books and my colors where too dark and close together even though it is very pretty I don't think others can see the work or able to separate each petal to to eye cause the overlap but yours does not so to me it is just Victorian this way :)

  2. Yes, you lose the flower a bit. But it's very intricate and beautiful.

  3. The pattern is very pretty and your work does it justice. You're right, a little change of color would make the flowers stand out better.

  4. I imagine that white lace did look very elegant! I like the colors you've chosen this time around.

  5. Many thanks to all you wonderful ladies :-))) Your kind appreciation is very welcome :-)

    The pattern is a bit tedious when worked in the old style, due to frequent tying & cutting ... but all that is forgotten in the beauty of the lace. And now I can reduce it with application of SRs, SChs, FRs, & so on. It will be fun to try it again in modern tatting ....

    I like the reference to Victorian lace, Carollyn :-)

  6. Another aspect of this lace is that it is a sort of combo of different edgings / insertions , each of which would look & work beautifully separately !
    I have pics of each row, but didn't know whether to share them or not .... (copyright et al)

  7. Beautiful! I love the red/black/burgundy color combo. Looks like a LOT of work :)

    1. So glad you liked it, Cindy :-)
      Yes, it is a lot of little pieces of tatting; tying, cutting & hiding of ends. But I really really like the pattern & the work doesn't 'count' ;-) And now that I have modern tatting skills at my disposal, the 3rd time round would be more continuous tatting