Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Remove Labels with Oil

How to Remove a Sticky Label  With Oil !
Want to Recycle, Re-purpose jars, containers, bottles, etc.?
Would like them to look ‘new’?
But the labels don’t come out easily?
Here’s an easy 2-step way with NO Effort !

There are many techniques one can employ. I’ve tried scrubbing, scouring, soaking in water / warm water / soapy water, & so on. Very rarely successful :-(Unless the label comes off easily at the first go, it is difficult to remove it & definitely not without leaving traces & (ugh!) scratches !

1. Label remnants
Like the one in image 1 where I sincerely tried to get it off by  soaking Overnight in soapy water. See the residue & traces of  the label still left ?!    
TIP  : This step is not necessary. I did it in the hopes of the label glue heeding my desire {as if !} ;-). However, it obviously helps.

2. Apply oil over label area & set aside
 Step 1: Now for the Real stuff! Apply any oil all over the surface & leave the jar aside for a few hours or longer, if the label is just too stubborn. 
NOTE :  The ambient temperature on this day was 38C & humidity just about 20%. Ideal weather conditions one might say !

TIP : You can use left-over oil from some deep frying, like I did - no need to use the hydrogenated oil for further cooking, yet a good way to 'get rid of it' ;-) 

3. After 2-3 hours, simply wipe off !

Step 2 : 2-3 hours later, after completing 
my chores, I came back to check on the jar.  All I did was rub the surface with my 
FINGER & the remnants started peeling 
off!!! The 'flakes' are clearly visible 
in pic #3. NO ELBOW GREASE !

4. Wash with warm soapy water. 

 Voila ! A label-free, squeaky clean good-as-new jar !!! 

TIP : One can easily wash the jar with a little soap & warm water if some greasiness remains.

I came across this tip somewhere on the web & tried it out Very successfully. This Worked for Me & hope it does for you too :-)
Since this First attempt with a plastic jar, I've removed tags & labels - very very old as well as new ones - from all kinds of surfaces : Stainless Steel, Glass, Ceramic, & of course, Plastic ! 

Update : I recently came across a glass/mason jar with a very old label. It required oil application Twice, but finally came out clean nonetheless !

                                       keep smiling :-) 






  1. I like this tip. I intend to try it the next time I have a sticky label on a jar!

  2. Do let us know how well it worked, Grace, or if you needed to tweak something. That's how we All learn :-)